Colors of Punjab, Rural Pakistan [4 of 4]

Give me a home where buffaloes roam!
Most of the villagers live in a mixed environment, of a home with numerous different crops and livestock. The livestock include goats and sheep cattle, cows and water buffaloes. Here in a barha (the cattle yard), buffaloes are being given wanda ( beef fodder comprising mainly of hay, rich protein meal, minerals, oil seeds cakes, and carbohydrates).



by Nayyar Hashmey & Nidokidos


Country life is sweet. No doubt about that. The greatest of the poets have sung the praise of it. And the prophets too had the greatest admiration for village life. Great thinkers and philosophers spent their invaluable lives in the countryside. No surprise that village life is highly cherished by all, in all ages, and all societies

 A stunning shot taken on the dawn of a new day.

Me, meadows and my cow.  But for now, going home.
Green green crop of home….
Even the autumn scenes  offer colorful look.

Back home with a bountiful harvest.

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5 replies to “Colors of Punjab, Rural Pakistan [4 of 4]

  1. I am really impressed the way you conveyed the information the style of interest you documented the whole thing with well captured scenes and their description. This whole reminds me my childhood memories at the home town FSD city with rural essence of surround village areas.

  2. Assalam o Alikum!
    I am very happy to see your attempt to preserve our Folklore heritage in above marvelous way.
    As a Pakistani, it is our responsibility to flourish and make alive this folklore heritage and to do work on our massively rich and mature cultural history. I am a student and doing a humble try of writing my research paper on the cultural diversity of Pakistan through the novel of Samina qureashi.
    Best regards.

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