Happy Independence Day





by Nayyar Hashmey


Today is 14th August, the day when Pakistan appeared on the surface of this earth. In these sixty five years, the country has seen many ups and downs. However, after 1958 when first Martial Law was promulgated in this country, we have continuously seen a  downward slide.

I say downward because it was in 1958 that our leaders learnt how to play the role of a US mercenary i.e. fight for her interests in times of war and of peace, get paid for the service rendered and turn country into a rentier state for all times.

Things have gone to such an extreme that our rulers lament but at the same time enjoy chanting Ghalib’s couplet:

Qarz ki peetay thay maey aur kehte thay ke haan

Rang layay gi hamari faqa masti aik din

So dear readers, things are gloomy on the horizon of Pakistan. Our leaders made a lot of patriotic blah blah against US strong armed tactics and resolved to withstand US pressure. Said they, “No compromise on country’s sovereignty, no more drone attacks and a  reasonable compensation of damage to Pakistani roads and other infrastructure” [while allowing transit facilities to NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan]. BUT instead of all rhetoric, they have done exactly what they have always been doing i.e. serving on “the same old salary”.

For those of you who may not be knowing this Urdu joke, here its once again: A servant warned his boss in a threatening tone “Sir increase my salary, otherwise…….” The second day he repeated the same demand and in a still more threatening way, ending his “increase my salary otherwise…..” stance. This happened on the third day as well.

Annoyed, the boss finally asked the servant, if I don’t increase your salary, what would you do otherwise. Lamely said the servant,  “I shall continue serving you on the same old salary”.

This is what our leaders have done with regard to this NATO transit facilities fiasco. Under such circumstances Faiz’s verse start coming to my ears, “Ye dagh dagh ujala, ye shabb gazeeda sehar (SEE https://wondersofpakistan.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/india-and-pakistan-63-years-of-fake-freedom-i/)

YET, despite of all the shameless policies of our rulers, despite the massive corruption that pervades our state apparat, despite the gloomy horizon we see, I am still very confident of our people’s resilience and the inherent strength our dear homeland derives from its cenuries old civilisation, its peaceful outlook in embracing world’s four major faiths, I do look forward to the day when we will have our Pakistan, a glorious Pakistan, which won’t follow others’ policies but would sets its own course, a course which will beackon others also to follow as this course  would be based on the noble values this piece of land was created 65 years ago.

Before I offer my felicitations to you my dear readers on this auspicious day of 14th August, allow me to reproducs here a beautiful poem by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi.


May Allah bless us srength to overcome all our hurdles, bless us perseverance to fight all evils that have besmitten our dear homeland and guide us to the path of glory this land of the Indus enjoyed in the past and the glory which it does deserve to have in th comity of nations. Long Live Pakistan! Long Live the People of Pakistan.

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