The 9th Wonder of the World

The Pakistan China Karakoram Highway, popularly called the KKH is rightly considered to be the 9th Wonder of the world because of the difficulty it was built. It took 20 years from 1959 to 1979 and was opened in 1986. 1000 workers lost their lives creating it out of the solid rock along and over the mountains.
The 810 mile long road is a marvel to look at in pictures and defies understanding at times as to how it was built! The road begins from Abbottabad (where Osama Bin Laden is alleged to have been killed) and ends in Xinjiang, China. The road passes five of the eight highest mountains of the world and nears four of the world’s largest glaciers.



by Perrya


The word highway, well, is a bit misleading here. The N-35 or the Karakoram Highway is the world’s 9th wonder of sorts as it is a two lane-sometimes one lane- hard surfaced road from Pakistan to China. It is the world’s highest road climbing to over 15,000 ft. over much of the Karakoram Mountains.

Considered to be a 9th Wonder because of the difficulty it was to build it. It took 20 years from 1959 to 1979. It was opened in 1986 and 1000 workers lost their lives creating it out of the solid rock along and over mountains. The 810 mile long road is a marvel to look at in pictures and defies understanding at times as to how it was built! The road begins from Abbottabad (where Osama Bin Laden was killed) and ends in Xinjiang, China. The road passes five of the eight highest mountains of the world and nears four of the world’s largest glaciers.

It attracts many tourists and hikers or mountain climbers since the road allows them easy access. Daily bus service from the two countries began in 2006. If you plan to go, the best time is late August-September or  April-May due to weather which frequently close the road for hours.

When you look at photos, you are convinced it is, indeed, a 9th Wonder!

Perrya as he says, has a wide assortment of interests. He has published three books on military history topics, two of them in the UK. He usually writes on whatever interests him and a keen watcher – of world events. He is also a blogger on WordPress. 

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16 replies to “The 9th Wonder of the World

  1. It looks absolutely fantastic…I would love to go on that road! Its a dream for me to travel around in the Karakoram…

    Especially the first picture is fantastic…dream!

    1. Siddhartha, am glad, you liked the post and the pix. Well, you have a beautiful dream and such beautiful dream can be fulfilled only by visiting this beautiful 9th wonder of the world. The only thing you need to have is a passport and the visa. Once you are in Islamabad, you be my guest, after which we can chalk out how we can make your trip in the KKH a memorable journey.

      I only pray to Allah Almighty that this scourge of terrorism is wiped out from the surface of this Pak Dharti so that common people like you and me can explore all such fascinating, romance as well as adventure laden spots of Pakistan.

    2. KKH is a real magnetic place, inviting me to travel. this is the first place i read KKH (

    1. Steve, am honoured to see you once again on this forum. I would love to be your host here in islamabad. Just come and I will see
      the best way I can make your as well as Siddhartha’s trip to the 9th Wonder of the World, as much hilarious, comfortable, safe, and memorable as possible.

      1. If I was younger and in better shape – physically and financially… At the drop of a hat would I take you up on that offer. Alas, I do have your publication and its varied content to enjoy and I thank you for that, my friend.

  2. @Steven Gaylord,

    Steve, as I see from your writings. the tips, jokes and short messages that you off and on send to me by electronic mail, you are very young. There is a popular song in my mother tongue [Punjabi] which goes like this “Dil honrha chahi dae jawan, umran che ki rakhiya”. [in my crude English it sould be soething like this, “You must be young at heart, and when you have a young heart, age doesn’t count”. And Steve I do appreciate what you comment about our website. Comments like this do inspire us to do whatever best is possible to project the history, heritage, art and culture, tourism and travel as well as whatever is happening on the political horizon of Pakistan.

  3. Wow, wonderful but i have one doubt in second picture it have Indian truck. So, it is doubtful whether this pic is from Pakistan?

    1. *@Malko, Thanx for ur visit to Wonders of Pakistan website.* *The title as well as all other images in this post by Perrya are part of the article which we reblogged here. All these images were shot in Pakistan.*

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  4. Allah is great. There is no one equal to Him. He is merciful and beneficent. He is above all things. He has created the whole universe for us. He has also made Paradise and Hell for good and bad people who would go to these places after this worldly life. We should thank Him for the favours granted by him to us. May Allah grant peace, tolerance, harmony and mutual love to all the nations of world. Aameen!

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