The Marula Fruit: African Booze For Wild Animals!




There are trees that grow in Africa which, once a year, produce very juicy fruits that ferment to contain alcohol. Since there is shortage of water, and heat is intense, therefore, as soon as fruits are ripe, animals come there to protect themselves through liquid intake.

The fruit tree which is called Amarola, grows in the desert and all the animals love its fruit and just cannot wait for it to ripen and drop from the tree. Some animals help it along in dropping its fruit.

As the fruit is lying in the hot sun it begins to ferment, which basically means: sugar in the fruit turns into alcohol (using yeast under anaerobic conditions).

And as they drink the “sharaab” they are tipsy. Here they are. “Maeñ nashay maiñ hooñ”.

P. S.

 Urdu Poet Inshallah Khan “Insha” said:

Rakhte kahiñ haiñ pauñ to parhte haiñ kahiñ  aur
Saqi! Tu zara haath to le tham hamara

I put my foot here but it falls there
O’ wine giver, please hold my hand

[Translation by Asghar Vasanwala].

Note: In fact, the video above by Jamie Uys’ was a totally staged footage. The animals were fed with alcohol (hard to believe I know…). The directors soaked the food and then filmed it! Today the film would’ve made a scandal, but back then [the documentary was originally produced sometime in the 1970’s] it was a big hit! 
Just thought I’d share the footage with you anyway…rather entertaining although a little unethical in my point of view! 



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