The best video on “Occupy the world”




originally uploaded by Starvexer

Creative commons Non-Commercial, Attribution, No Derivative Works license. Please message filmmaker for translations, which are very welcome : )

If mirroring, please do not change video in any way for its whole duration and please credit the original filmmaker, musicians and music labels as some people have posted it claiming they made the video, which breaches the ethics of a creative commons.

This said, please share with everyone, including your leaders. Mirroring is encouraged, but pls don’t change video in any way. This video is meant to be a warning to our leaders.
Stunning music by: Hauschka, song “Stumm (Kein Wort)”
Music Label: Karaoke Kalk label based in Berlin

Including amazing shots from Alex Mallis – 
and Kristopher.

Note: This video sent to me by my friend Steven Gaylord. Thanks Steve for this stunning piece documenting the hypocrisy that engulfs Pentagon and its chamchas all across the globe including our very own Zardari and company.



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7 replies to “The best video on “Occupy the world”

  1. The US government could find its footing on a precarious ledge if it goes too far. A new Bill in Congress could turn alternative media outlets and YouTube singers Into felons. This SB 978 is just one more bullet in a broader government effort to end the web as we know it. SB 978, with its ill-defined language is another step toward curtailing First Amendment rights as Congress navigates the tricky line between freedom of speech and the web. Usually the government sides with the corporations and [if] in this case it does, resulting in the loss of the Internet as a viable and alternate source for information, this move could propel the explosive ‘Occupy’ movement into another American Revolution; another American War of Independence.

    1. Very right Steve, all oppressive and vested interest regimes try to silence the independent voice whenever and wherever it is raised in the interest of the broader human race. In this age internet has proved to be quite a vocal medium in bringing the truth to masses all across this globe.
      In our part of the world it is said, “In elephant’s foot comes every body’s foot”. Since the less powerful, less democratic and vested interest regimes follow the United States like a big elephant, therefore, efforts are made to silence the voice of truth through curbs on the internet, and other electronic media. You are so right to infer the loss of the Internet as a viable and alternate source for information, a move like this in the United States could propel the explosive ‘Occupy’ movement into another American Revolution; another American War of Independence.

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