The week America lost Central Asia–(not likely)

Map of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Red: Member states. Orange: Observer status. Yellow: Attendants status.. Image via Wikipedia



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Whoever controls Central Asia Controls the World–Lord Curzon

 Zaheeruddin Babur tried to conquer Samarqand and could not, so he headed toward Pakistan. The Khyber pass at the time was so thin it barely allowed a man through it. The rest as they say is history.

 When the French got together with the continental Europeans in the treaty of Brussels, the United Kingdom tried to thwart it with a grouping of its own called the Out-Eight. Britain failed and the French succeeded. Eventually London knocked on the door of Brussels and joined what is now known as the EU. Today that grouping rivals the US in GDP.

 A similar event is happening in Asia.

 The countdown has begun. 10 days– to one of the one fundamental tectonic shifts in recent history. Not since the Austro-Hungarians formed their alliance in 1918 has the world seen such a colossal development.

 The SCO comprises China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Russia also has a Quasi-lateral group with Pakistan, Tajikistan Afghanistan. Beijing and Islamabad are working to develop closer military and economic cooperation. China has publicly declared that “any attack on Pakistan will be considered an attack on China”. China is also pursuing a policy of ‘soft reverse containment’ of the USA in Asia and in Pakistan.

 Moscow is working closely with Pakistan. It wants TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project to divert gas away from Europe towards South Asia and China. Pakistan and Russia have had several meetings in the past couple of years, and Zaradari has met Medhev twice to coordinate their approach in a post-US Afghanistan Moscow’s special representative on Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov (equivalent of Holbrooke) visited Islamabad last week for in-depth consultations.

 Russian and China are augmenting Pakistan’s strategic sovereignty so that it can withstand America’s constant bullying. In the aftermath of the Abbottabad raid, Asif Zardari for all his faults is actively diversifying its foreign economic ties and foreign policy. Russia working on the directions of Catherine the Great is actively fostering the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as an exclusive club to keep out the United States of America.

 Washington is reaching for the panic button. The US is fretting that the SCO is gearing up to admit Pakistan and possibly India as full members. The US think tanks are chagrined that Afghanistan will join the club as an observer. The rethink on admitting new members has set alarm bells ringing in Washington. The odds are heavily stacked against the US.

 The plan to prop up India against China as espoused by Paul Craig Roberts maybe failing

 The Russian-Chinese initiative to induct Pakistan and possibly India as full SCO members deals a devastating blow to American of encircling China, threatening Iran, bullying Pakistan, and jawboning itself into Central Asia.

 Clearly, the SCO summit in Kazakhstan on June 15th is an historic event of Himalayan proportions for the geopolitics of energy. America US apprehends a paradigm shift in the Asian power dynamic. Russia and China banding together with Pakistan and possibly India sends chills up the spines of US think-tanks. American hubris had it coming. Russia and China are re-crafting their South Asia policies that aim at harmonizing their ties with Pakistan and India respectively within the umbrella of the SCO. Russia is more of an honest broker than America today. Moscow was able to bring Delhi and Islamabad together in Tashkent, something that the Americans have never been able to do.

 The establishment of SCO in the 1990s was one of Beijing’s most successful diplomatic overtures. The purpose of establishing the SCO was and remains to this that –to challenge the US encroachment into Central Asia and China’s backyard. It has dampened America’s plans to making Central Asia its pawn in the Great Game. China has improved its relations with the regional players using the SCO.

 Half the world will be represented in the SCO. That is powerful.

 Next week will change Asia as we know it.

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  1. China has publicly declared that “any attack on Pakistan will be considered an attack on China”.

    – the biggest joke………. ! Pakistan is being attacked every day by the Americans drones.

  2. I read about the SCO meeting which took place in the same week the Bilderberg group met in Switzerland. I saw Iraq as a testing ground for new US weapons of destruction. The deaths, the cancer and the deformed babies due to the use of depleted uranium in their bombs and munitions which should constitute a war crime. It seems to me the US does what it wants, when it wants. I’m afraid one day in the near future through their arrogance, the Americans are going to see more than ever before young solders die because of a few neocons in Washington. I hope they don’t underestimate either Iran or Pakistan. The policy the CIA has had and continues to this day of assassinations, causing civil unrest and over throwing one dictator after another, who serve the US interests only.
    Most Americans shave beed are so dumbed up by the CIA controlled news media that they can’t think for themselves anymore. Exactly what the global elite planned. They are so busy with their mundane little lives. Watching TV, drinking beer, partying, playing games
    ect; while their country falls apart both economically as well as morally and socially they can’t se what is happening around them. One day we will wake up to find UN troops on our soil. First, we have to be disarmed. That is in the process of happening. First in the U.K., then in America.
    The people think another president in the Whitehouse will make a difference. Whether it’s Obama again or a new president, the Council on foreign relations will control the White house, the media, news reporters, military and all the major corporations in America. It has been this way for forty years. The Jewish lobby will grow even more powerful in the Whitehouse. Congress will blindly continue to spend even more on the military. China and India will benefit because the US dollar will continue to weaken almost to the point of collapse.
    You can tell the US is worried because Qaddafi was changing his currency along with countries in Africa and the Middle East to one other than the USD. That made both Washington and the UN mad. I think it was a good idea. After all, the oil belongs to the people of Libya.
    From what I have found in my research Qaddafi treated his people better than some people are treated here in the US by our government. I always considered the US a republic. Now, I see US as more socialist. After all, welfare is a give away program as is food stamps. Something is wrong when only half the people are paying taxes. The system is broke and I don’t see a doctor coming.

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