After OBL, can US seize Pakistan’s nukes?

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by Strategic Tech. Resources


This policy brief, prepared by Strategic Technology Resources, and published by  the Project Pakistan 21, seeks to answer a key question disturbing the Pakistani public opinion in the aftermath of the 2 May 2011 US Navy Seals’ operation near Islamabad.

The key question is: Can the United States or a non-state actor access and take over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons or destroy them?

After sizing up the capabilities of both the US and any non-state actors, the brief gives a conclusive answer: NO.

It says non-state actors are not interested in nuclear weapons nor do they need them.

As for the United States, a look into Washington’s ability to physically attack Pakistani nuclear weapons is the crux of this brief and provides insights never discussed before in public.

This concise report is a must read for nuclear policy professionals, diplomats and media in Pakistan. Moreover, media professionals in the United States and other parts of the world covering Pakistan will benefit from this report because it tackles details that US officials and American media reports often neglect or omit.

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14 replies to “After OBL, can US seize Pakistan’s nukes?

  1. U.S.
    has no evil designs on
    our nukes.
    Thank you,
    sir, we respect you, but
    do not trust you.
    So our message is: BACK
    OFF! We are a proud
    nation. Mistakes have
    been made like the
    Raymond Davis fiasco,
    thanks to our
    benevolent rulers, but
    now we stand on our
    own feet and may
    starve …but we will not
    compromise on our
    country ’s sovereignty.

    What a joke ?

    1. @MisDoc-AKT, U take it as a joke becoz u do take a nation’s integrity as a joke, a nation that pricks ur eyes like a thorn. It pricks ur eyes becoz our rulers are US proxies, but mind it MisDoc-AKT, the proud nation of 180 million Pakistanis is neither a US proxy nor that of India. They know how to defend their motherland. Time will tell u dis coz there will be many such moments when ur joke might become a horrible reality 4 u. It wud b the time when u will have not even time to decide what’s joke and what’s reality. So MisDoc-AKT, Mind ur language! Think before u write, speak or type!!!

      Wasi of Kundian

    1. USA can do it, USA, a country that possesses world‘s largest arsenal of conventional and ultra modern weapons including the nukes is begging peace from a rag tag army of Afghan partisans. Let them come out first of Afghan imbroglio then think of an Abbottabad like raid. Done is done but this time it will not be the Pak army but also the people of Pakistan who will fight shoulder to shoulder with their Afghan brethren against the “GREAT SATAN”, Shaitan-e-Buzxurg, as late Ayatullah Khomeini used to call the United States of America.

      Wasi of Kundian

  2. With repeated aerial intrusions and the reported “Boots on Ground” incident in Abbottabad, US has shown its intentions. What Pakistani Army will do if US occupies some strategic positions inside North Pakistan in their hunt for Al Qaeda? Will the Army bomb its own land? or discharge the nukes in neighbours’ backyard?

    1. I don’t think US administration is such simplistic to undertake a venture like attacking Pakistan. If US start its mad hunt against al-Qaeda, (who are no friend of us Pakistani Muslims either), but then the old maxim works, ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’. It will not be a mere war, as editor of this blog terms it, it would be mother of all wars. US and the west who are caught in their own financial worries, won’t take such a stupid action to attack a nation of 180 millions who owns her own nukes and would throw the region into a nuclear debris, just for the sake of a few renegades called al-Qaeda warriors.
      Wasi of Kundian

    2. @BigMan, If US trespassed Pakistani sovereignty now, the Pak Army will intercept such aggression. If it didn’t, people will do it themselves and Mr. B.M. when it’s a matter of honour, whether its of an individual, community or a nation, u do redeem ur honour, come what may. U don’t consider the consequences or do u?
      Wasi of Kundian

    1. There is Christian Bomb, Zionist Bomb, Hindu Bomb (r u guys not proud of ur Hindu bomb?) & so many other Bombs. Then why not a Muslim Bomb? In fact these bombs are just a symbol of TIT4TAT but its u guys in India, the Isarelites and the US media that labeled Pakistani nuke as an Islamic Bomb, then why not! Let this be so, (A MUSLIM BOMB).

  3. The region will semain in the grip of vestead interest and can not afford to confront with the west .So far there enough indications that neither India nor China would like to stare instead they are in the mood of earn money. At this stage i can’t say about Chioa but be sure all neigbhoring nations wants benifits and cooperation with the west .

    1. If India duzn’t want 2stand against the US, that duzn’t mean everybody in the region is going along with the US hegemonistic enterprise, an enterprise that aims to encircle India also. Wait just for the time when US has been able to decimate China as it did in case of the USSR. (Its though next to impossible becoz the US with its enormous difficulties to meet its financial obligations can hardly afford such stupid venture). But if it did and it succeeded as well, in that aftermath India will be US’s enemy # 1, as Soviet Union became America’s enemy #1 after the WWII and the Afghans became after the end of the cold war when Russian bear had to go back to its liar in 1990. As regard all other countries in the region are in alliance with the United States, its a totally wrong notion. All SAARC countries, i.e. Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka enjoy excellent relations with China except India which at the moment is playing America’s game in south Asia.
      Wasi of Kundian

  4. Best way for PAK is to offer exactly half of its nuclear arsenal to the US, that will buy you time, peace for the US , and enable you avert a war + gain a ground 4 negotiations.

    1. Mr. Vijay, Thanx u 4ur advice. Its a v/gud idea, indeed. But it must b in ur knowledge that it was India which first detonated a nuclear device in Pokhran in the early 1970’s. This was followed by its 3 nuclear detonations in 1997. As a matter of fact it were these four detonations (all nuclear ones) that prompted Pakistan to develop its own independent nuclear programme (to counter a nuclear blackmail by India, safeguard its defence against a nuclear aggression not only from India but also from any other aggressor in the world.
      If u guys in India think that v in Pakistan shud dole out half of our nuclear assets to the United States becoz thiswud ensure peace in the region, then why not India too dole out half of its own nuclear assets to the US. This will definitely ensure an “eternal” peace in south Asia. And why Mr. Vijay pass on only 50 % of nuclear assets to America, why not 100 % of India’s nukes to the US. I’m sure Pakistan will follow suit, as it did after India’s three nuclear explosions by detonating five nukes in the same year. This will on one hand free Pakistan of any Indian nuclear blackmail, it would on the other meet America’s broad based agenda to stop nuclear proliferation in the world. Why not advise US also to destroy100% of its nukes too. This will motivate also the Chinese and the Russians to do away with their own nuclear arsenals.
      Don’t say ur nuclear bomb (which in fact is a Hindu bomb) is against the Chinese. Becoz u guys think by presenting half of a country’s nukes ensures peace, why not offer first half of India’s nukes to the Chinese, this too will ensure peace on the Indian-Chinese borders and also enable Uncle Sam to have a peaceful south Asia.
      A great Idea, Isn’t it Mr. Vijay?

      Wasi of Kundian

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