Israel’s fission field warfare: Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt [1 of 5]

Against terror or a war against the Muslims; be it the wailing lands of Palestine or the burning tribal areas of Pakistan , the historical Iraq or mythical Afghanistan , all guns targeting the Muslims. Is there any one who could stop this cruelty and atrocity? Is there


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OK, Egypt has had its White revolution and everybody can rest easy knowing it is all over and that the people have won freedom and democracy. Right




To be honest, what we have been watching is a controlled demolition, rather like 9/11. Yes this was an organic movement from honest roots on behalf of the brave millions who have fought to make their dreams a reality. That cannot be denied, they have made history and so far avoided vicious traps laid before them as you will see when you read on. And they have won this… almost.

Please read the following piece by Jonathan Azaziah, a superb researcher/writer who really knows his stuff. A product of a rich mixture of Middle Eastern cultures, he has an insider’s viewpoint. Jonathan has a brilliant way of making sense of the senseless and weaving them seamlessly into an undeniable truth that is shocking in its comprehension of what is and what is not. He goes further than almost any other researcher out there to pull the pieces together.

At this time, pundits around the globe are analyzing and spinning theories about Egypt. Bloggers and mainstream media ~ and most of the alternate media as I have seen myself ~ are all trying to theorize and second guess, but none of them is getting it. They all lack pieces of vital information to tie it together. A lot of misinformation, as a result, is being pandered which confuses readers ~ really confuses.  To avoid that confusion, please read this work by Jonathan Azaziah and learn from someone who knows. There is so much at stake here for Egypt and the Middle East, there is no time or space for errors in the truth. Our enemies are ruthless and waste no time as their intended victims muddle through misinformation.

A few weeks ago I posted an article of Jonathan’s and also a podcast he had with Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth. In that conversation they both “predicted” that Egypt would revolt within a few weeks. Guess what. Ladies and gentlemen, they did. Successfully!

But, this is just the beginning of the struggle. We have lost Iraq. We may have lost Afghanistan. Pakistan is well on the way to being lost. Egypt needs our help and understanding to keep on course. All of these events, leading to a preplanned goal, are happening as intended by the enemy. So nothing is done, and Egypt is far from done with being truly free and democratic.  To think otherwise is to let those 300+ martyrs have died in vain. Read on




by Jonathan Azaziah


Listen here to Jonathan Azaziah and Mark Glenn discussing the material in this post for an even greater understanding of the material presented.

Fission is defined as ‘the act or process of splitting into parts.’ In a more scientific explanation, fission is defined as ‘division of the atomic nucleus into two lighter fragments releasing energy. In a nuclear power station, fission occurs slowly, while in a nuclear weapon, very rapidly. In both instances, fission must be very carefully controlled.’

When applied to daily shifts on the geopolitical front, the first definition is self explanatory. The second definition however, requires a bit of dissection. The ‘nucleus’ of a stable society is the peaceful, brotherly and harmonious interaction between its people. To split this nucleus through fission, thus disrupting the interaction and establishing division, the variable needed is any type of bombardment.

Once the nucleus is split, the energy released is that which resembles misunderstanding, enmity, frustration and even hatred. Since the fission itself is controlled ‘very carefully,’ the manipulators must also induce the bombardment. This bombardment can be directed at either side of the divided societal ‘nucleus,’ fomenting an ever-expanding atmosphere of perpetual blaming and infighting. By constantly injecting deception into the enclaves where the newly formed ‘fragments’ have been divided, they remain quite incognizant of the reason that they have been split from their harmonious core to begin with.

Sustaining this division in nations which aren’t fully aligned with the greater globalist agenda, also known as ‘hostile environments,’ tips the geopolitical scale in the favor of the manipulators and their agents who designed the bombardment. There is an entity that has mastered this political fission, or ‘fission field warfare.’ And that criminal entity is Israel.



The Islamic Republic of Pakistan its enemy.



The Zionist entity’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, an insidiously racist man devoid of any humanity and the architect of the Palestinian Nakba which ethnically cleansed Palestine of its indigenous, possessed an excessively xenophobic and brutally delusional world view. Nothing provides better evidence of this than the disturbing remarks that Ben-Gurion levied against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1967.

Left: David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, laid out the blueprints to destroy Pakistan in 1967.

“The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological state is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs.

This lover of Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for world Zionism that it now take steps against Pakistan. Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula are Hindus, whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims. Therefore, India is the most important base for us to work from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans(1)”

Fast forward to the new millennium, and David Ben-Gurion’s speech has manifested within every inch of Pakistan’s societal woes via extensive fission field warfare employed cooperatively by Mossad and Hindutvadi India’s RAW.

In 2001, Mossad and RAW founded four new agencies for the specific purpose of unleashing chaos throughout Pakistan, targeting the upper echelons of its political sphere and financial sectors. Using high-powered explosives, trains, railway stations, bus stations, hotels and cinemas would all be targets of bombardment. Most integral to the Zionism-Hindutvadi intelligence nexus however, was the religious establishment.

Operatives would strategically place explosives in the mosques of various sects and leave false flags to create the appearance of a ‘sectarian’ hit. RAW led the way in the recruitment phase of the operation, luring Pakistani men between the ages of 20 and 30 into visiting India, before ruining them with entrapment and subversion, coercing them into working against their nation (2).

Following the example of the Zionist entity’s usual knack for extremism when titling its subversive military-intelligence operations, the next phase of Pakistan’s ‘crushing’ is known as the ‘Dragon Policy,’ named after the Talmudic interpretation of the dragon, where the serpent-like beast serves as the splitter and transformer of light into darkness. This facet of the Zionist stratagem begins with the recruiting, where experts of Mossad and RAW train personalities from varying criminal sectors in the finer arts of covert operations and terrorism, including mercenaries, mafia dons and narcotics tycoons. Like the CIA funding its covert operations in Latin America with monolithic amounts of cocaine distribution in poor African-American communities at home (3), Zionist and Hindutvadi intelligence mirrored this format, only with heroin cultivated from illegal poppy crops.



the collaboration between Mossad and RAW

against Pakistan has been deadly.


At least 57 recruitment/training camps across India and illegally occupied Kashmir were established by the Mossad-RAW alliance; each camp breeding terrorists controlled by Tel Aviv and New Delhi to be launched inside Pakistan. Mossad and Aman (Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate) financially contributed to this operation in an elephantine manner.

Once recruits are deployed into the field, RAW provides them with cash, weapons and ammunition while posing as Al-Qaeda. Subsequently, through the media networks in the West, which are exclusively owned by fierce Zionist extremists, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are blamed for ‘terrorism’ and Pakistan is heavily criticized for being incompetently unable to combat it (4).

The strength of the Mossad-RAW Dragon Policy is solidified through its partnership with the hunter-killer mercenary giant, Blackwater, now known as Xe. Blackwater, under the leadership of ex-CIA officer Erik Prince and Christian Zionist-Dominionist Dick DeVos, became a hive for Israel Firsters within America’s power structure; a haven for elements sympathetic to Zionism and full of irrational hatred for the Arab and Muslim world (5). This Zionist fervor within Xe made it an obvious candidate for a confederation with Israel and Hindutvadi.



in the implementation of the Zionist operation

known as the ‘Dragon Policy.’


Personnel from the top tiers of Mossad and RAW ordnance units have coordinated strikes with strategically placed Xe cells within Pakistan to unleash furious bombings when ‘patsy’ agents are unable to secure a ‘checkout’ on a designated mission.

The massacre that claimed the lives of 54 innocent Shia and injured 150 others at an Al-Quds Rally in early September 2010 was initially blamed on the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban,’ a fictional ‘Sunni’ extremist group, as per Dragon Policy strategy. In reality however, this bloodbath was a fission field warfare operation carried out by Xe, in cohesion with Mossad and RAW, to foment division between Sunni and Shia and Pakistan (6). The real Taliban has pegged Blackwater (Xe) on numerous occasions for committing atrocities and wrongfully blaming it on Islam (7).

Recent atrocities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan fall along the lines of the exact pattern. Twin truck bombings in the northwestern Pakistani town of Peshawar claimed the lives of at least 7 innocents, including 2 women, and injured 14 others. The ‘Taliban’ were blamed for the crime (8). Peshawar is an active stronghold for the Mossad-RAW nexus, and the intelligence agencies have been previously caught by local police engaging in terrorism (9).

The truck bomb, of course, is a surefire sign of Israeli involvement; it serves as one of Tel Aviv’s signatures. Nearly 29 years ago, the Zionist entity infamously used this highly destructive and deadly weapon to murder 241 US Marines in Beirut while they were sleeping (10).

On January 25th, at least 16 Shia were murdered and 70 others were wounded when car bombs and motorcycle bombs detonated during a religious ceremony. The attacks were blamed on ‘pro-Taliban militants (11),’ revealing the fingerprints of the Dragon Policy. The car bomb is another of Mossad’s signature devices, primarily used in the execution of false flag operations, whether the designated target is a political assassination or everyday terrorism against civilian populations (12).

The motorcycle bomb is also a weapon of the Israeli agency, typically unleashed in high-level operations, including in its recent hit on Iranian nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Muhammadi, murdered by Mossad in front of his home (13).

The imaginary ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban’ was at it again on January 28th, in perfect union with the increasing activity of the Mossad-RAW Dragon Policy, blowing up two girls’ schools and a college in southwestern Pakistan (14). Military-grade dynamite was used, powerful enough to level city blocks, not homemade bombs as the media of the Zionist criminal network would lead the masses to believe.

“BY DECEPTION, THOU SHALT WAGE WAR” are the words that govern every action of the Mossad. Deception is the very essence of fission field warfare. The bombardments that foment the fission are only the top layer of this intricate form of terrorism. There is a specific reason behind each operation, an ‘origin point.’ The origin point is a world event needing to be deflected from public attention, as a means of exhorting further Zionist control over the masses and consolidating as much power as possible.



two innocent Pakistani men in Lahore for absolutely no reason.


At this particular time, the origin point for deliverance of fission field warfare in Pakistan is the growing concern over Blackwater’s all-out infiltration of the Islamic nation, culminating in a mercenary of the hunter-killer corporation gunning down two innocent Pakistani men at a busy road crossing located not very far from the US consulate in Lahore (15). This act of blatant lawlessness and degradation is coupled with the growing unrest throughout Pakistan regarding drone strikes and ongoing injustice against Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. The Resistance of the people got stronger and even bolder.

Tribesmen in North Waziristan are suing the CIA for killing their family members (16). In trepidation, the CIA pulled ‘Jonathan Banks,’ its station chief in Islamabad and target of the tribesmen’s lawsuit, hoping it could bury the fury of the people and continue its drone campaign (17). But its move was futile. The protests are becoming larger in terms of sheer size, including one that exceeded 10,000 demonstrators in the Mossad-riddled town of Peshawar (18), and another which was comprised of tens of thousands in Karachi (19).

The people aren’t alone in their disgust and desire to see the CIA “video-game” style murder campaign come to an end. All leading political parties in Pakistan (puppets and non-puppets alike) have united in the call to end the CIA’s drone campaign (20), a showing of political unity not seen in decades.

The nucleus of Pakistan was reforming; rejecting calls of the hegemonists in D.C. and Tel Aviv and expelling the energies of enmity and frustration for a common cause of national unity and the defense of its sovereignty. Israel’s fission field warfare however, has reestablished the foundation of division laid out by Ben-Gurion over 40 years prior.

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