Indian Army-Hindu terrorists’ nexus

Links of Indian military with Hindutva organizations are no secret now. Most of these organizations are working in Indian society since ages, like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc. have a long history of having links with military establishment at different level. The root of this cooperation is decades-old appeal: “India is for Hindus only”. This is nothing new but there is something new and that is the growing influence of this ideology among Indian military and elements that are now not in control of Indian military or Indian government but they are on their own agenda of Hindutva, a name given to same old appeal of race and religion regarding India. (Photo: Hindu militant in Kolkata/Jayanta Shaw)



by Farzana Shah


This article was written in 2009, yet the veracity of what has been said here appears now as valid as it was in the year 2009. The confession of Swami Asimananda in an Indian court testifies the fact that the Hindutva terrorists in India are not behind their counterparts in Pakistan, the extremists who have self styled themselves as Mujahids of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and other such militant outfits who are having a field day in today’s Pakistan. [Nayyar]


Links of Indian military with Hindutva organizations are no secret now. Most of these organizations are working in Indian society since ages, like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc. have a long history of having links with military establishment at different level. The root of this cooperation is decades-old appeal: “India is for Hindus only”. This is nothing new but there is something new and that is the growing influence of this ideology among Indian military and elements that are now not in control of Indian military or Indian government but they are on their own agenda of Hindutva, a name given to same old appeal of race and religion regarding India.

Over the years Indian youth is becoming part of these militant outfits working under these organizations with same ideology of Hindu fascism but it never ends here as same youth got recruited into Indian military on regular basis. After being recruited these Hindu fundamentalist keep their links intact with entities like RSS, VHP, Bagrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc.

This dual linkage of young Indian officers with both military and Hindu fascist organisations has caused a cancer to the military establishment in India. It has brought elements into Indian military who have their own goals which do not conform well with military discipline. An army with irrepressible elements is as dangerous to any country as its real enemy’s army can be or even more. Officers like Gen (R) Premnath Hoon joined Indian army decades ago and served at different posts all the way to rank of General before he retired. What is revealing that he was one of the founding fathers of military wing of Shiv Sena. This also proves that either before joining or during his service in military he established links with Shiv Sena but what is more important is that he was not alone in this venture but there was active support from Indian military through his contacts he made during service like Colonel Jayant Chitale who was also incharge in military selection center at Pune for many years.

Initiating military training from scratch has its own prerequisites like infrastructure, trainers, weapons and most importantly a slogan to motivate new recruitment. This is where assets belonging to RSS/Bagrang Dal/VHP and Shiv Sena in Indian military and RAW enter into equation to bail out above mentioned Hindu terrorist organisations all of whom are vying for Hindu Rashstra (Hindu State). This process is in place there since many decades and now it is impossible to tell exactly till what level these elements are controlling Indian military and RAW’s resources to complete Hindu Rashtra dream.

Close relations between Gen (R) Premnath Hoon [above] and Col Jayant Chitale are not a secret. The two have been involved in forming Hindu suicide squad to be used against minorities in India on pretext of fighting the terrorism.

RAW also needs these militants to carry out its operation both inside and outside India. As it happens in intelligence business it is not always necessary to give minutest details to government officials until state is getting its objective served. It was matter of time when these terrorists take over RAW as well. Without active support of RAW it is not possible to carry out these massive training programs, coordination among different groups spread all over India and abroad, Only a military intelligence organization like RAW can make all this happen. RAW reports to Indian prime minister directly, what is more startling to know is how world’s biggest democracy is involved in destabilizing its neighbors. There are many operations launched by RAW against its neighbours specially Pakistan and Sri Lanka due to reason that both these SAARC countries are located at critical geopolitical location on map.

All these operations were carried out with consent of different Indian PMs during their occupancy in Dehli. In all these operations RAW always used terrorists trained by Hidutva organizations and in return RAW and intelligence agencies turned a blind eye to whatever these organizations were doing to the minorities in India, be they the Muslims, Christians or  the Sikhs, no one is immune to this dormant infection of Hindutva in Indian society. Successive Indian governments until recently ignored this ever growing influence of Hindutva ideology in military and RAW as there is always an excuse in minds of Indian politicians i.e. Pakistan and ISI to put all the blame on for all the sufferings of Indian minorities.


The close relations between Gen Hoon and Col Jayant Chitale are not a secret. The two have been involved in forming Hindu suicide squad to be used against minorities in India on pretext of fighting the terrorism.

Just on last Thursday Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Jayant Rao Chitale once again openly admitted training suicide Hindu bombers although he tried to reject that only Hindus are part of suicide squad by saying that the suicide squad was secular.

Lt Col Chitale, the dictator of ‘Maharashtra Military Foundation while speaking to the media said “Ours is a truly secular suicide squad. Every Indian is welcome to join my suicide squad.” The training session for the suicide squad, which includes the use of lathis and swords, takes place near Vasat Village at Ambernath, an industrial town, which is over 50 kilometres away from Mumbai from where according to Lt Col Chitale a batch of 30 students has passed out in the last 15 days.

Earlier the chief of a Hindu fanatic organisation Shiv Sena called for forming ‘Hindu suicide squads’ to tackle terrorism in India.

Further openly admitting training Hindu youth for suicide bombing the Indian Army officer Lt Col Jayant Chitale said “I have been requesting the government for the last three years to form this suicide squad,” he said. “I have sent letters to the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, President Abdul Kalam and the army chief about the formation of these suicide squads, but there was no response. So, I started the training programme.”

Asked what his recruits would do, he said, “The Pakistanis have disturbed the internal peace in India and my suicide squads will do the same thing in Pakistan.”

It was earlier mentioned that Lt Col Chitale has been supported by Lt Col (retired) Lt Gen P N Hoon and a few other ex-servicemen belonging to the Shiv Sena.

In this context when media asked Lt Gen Hoon for his comments he only denied that Shiv Sena was backing the suicide bombing training but he shamelessly said “We have started this program on our own because the country needs such youth to tackle terrorism. Today, the country is being destroyed by the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan. And we have to do something about it. So, we feel that these suicide squads are the answer for the Pakistanis.”


Now it must be no surprise that both Gen (R) Premnath Hoon and Colonel Jayant Chitale also served RAW at different positions. Police on several occasion got information about the involvement of these elements in terrorist activities but every time some unseen hidden hands stopped the investigation in middle before it could be completed. One such example is ATS (Anti Terror Squad)’s investigations from Col Jayant in 2002. The investigations were forced to stop when ATS was about to prove links between Indian military and Hindu Zionists and this intervention came from nowhere else but from RAW.


Attacks in Mumbai was another manifestation of these Hindu elements who perpetrated Babri Mosque, Godhra Train fire, Gujrat Massacre, killing of Christians, Malegoan bombing, Samjhuta Express and countless other operations against minorities.

Till start of November 08 every Indian newspaper was publishing reports of arrest of Col. Prouhit and his confession about Malegoan bombing and supplying deadly RDX for Samjhuta Express inferno in 2007. What was the most shocking news in first 15 minutes of Mumbai attacks was murder of 3 top ATS officers including ATS chief Hemant Karkare at the hands of “gunmen” on 26th Nov. 2008. It is now becoming more and more evident that he was actually murdered by cold blooded assassins of Hidutva trained in RAW’s training camps. This linkage of RAW and terrorists was exactly what Hament Karkare was investigating from Col Shinkar Purohit, a serving officer in Indian army who was deputed in RAW and was arrested by ATS in connection with the Malegoan bomb blasts and Samjhuta express.

It was only after 8th Nov. 2008 when news started surfacing about Col. Purohit’s confession in Malegoan blasts and Samjhuta express incident. He also revealed that he was not only serving army officer who is linked to Gen Premnath Hoon’s terror network, but Ramesh Upadhyaya a retired Major in Army was also among accused in Malegoan blasts.

ATS soon disclosed that there may be two other serving colonels facing charges of involvement in these blasts in Malegoan in Sep. 07. Now it was clear that ATS will soon uncover the whole cartel of Hindu terrorists in midst of Indian military establishment and RAW. So the hardliner Hindus from fundamentalist organizations started giving life threats to chief of Anti-Terrorist Court, Hemant Karkare but he carried on his work till the D-Day arrived i.e. 26/11/08. Investigations were little slow as ATS was not receiving required corporation from police in neighbouring states but still at that time a lot was already known to media and masses both, as to where lies the actual problem.

After calculating the expected damage to their cartel, the fundamentalist Hindu groups decided to eliminate Karkare. But it was to be done in a way that no body should have doubts about Indian military’s involvement in this. Again trained terrorists of Atma Ghatak Phatak (AGP) [suicidal squad once desired by Bal Thackeray] were picked for job to eliminate Karkare in a way that the blame can put be on Pakistan and ISI.

India tried its best to stage a perfect terrorist plot being planned and controlled from Pakistan by ISI. But it seems now that India fell into hole it dig for Pakistan as more and more reports are coming on media about these attacks and inefficiency of Indian Police, Army, RAW to protect Indian citizens. More confessions are on the way to unleash the sinister nexus between RAW, Indian army and terrorists. All this happened due to very strong rebuttal from Pakistani media in reaction to what Indian was propagating to the world during crisis when no investigations were even started. So considerable portion of Indian intelligentsia started to look for problem within instead of believing what government news agencies were selling to the world and Indian masses.

Latest investigation from Col Purohit revealed that more colonels and a major were also part of Malegeon. At start Indian army was very mortified when Col. Purohit’s confession came to media about Malegeon and Samjhuta Express. Col Raikar & Col Hasmukh Patel was also part of masterminding Malegeon blasts.

Recently it is learned that above mentioned officers although not charged but are coming under investigation as their names were also mentioned by Col Purohit. Other serving officer who is being accused and investigated in official charge sheet is Colonel Bapaditya Dhar of Parachute regiment at Panchmarhi.

After looking at these names it is safe to assume that on further investigation from this new accused Col. Dhar more links of Indian Army with fundamentalist Hindu organizations uncovering fascist elements among top ranks of Indian Army are now established. After these facts emerged Indian establishment was forced to pretend as they were never aware of these terrorists in their midst. One such statement was made by Defence minister A K Antony saying that his ministry and the Army were “fully cooperating” with the investigating agencies. “It’s a matter of serious concern to all of us…. We are determined to go to the root of the entire issue,” he said. “We are awaiting their (ATS and IB) report…. We will take all necessary steps after that. We are also taking internal steps (to prevent any occurrence of such incidents),” he added.

It is ironic why he is not ready to throw light on what former Indian Prime Minister VP Singh said in front of Jain Commission in Nov. 1996 about the forming of LTTE terrorist network 1983. Mr. Singh said,” First batch of training of Sri Lankan Tamil militants was done by India in 1983 under the orders of then Prime Minister (Late) Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The camp was located at Chakrata, Tamil Nadu.”

So it is clear now that Indian governments and intelligence agencies were not only aware of these links of Indian military with terrorist organizations but they used these links to pursue national policy of state terrorism and the practice is still going on. (There are highly active offices and training camps of RAW working along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan and creating low intensity conflicts with Pakistani state and military in order to soften it up for a major military battle on Eastern front.)

Out of embarrassment Indian Army Chief General Kapoor (now retired) said, .”Steps are being taken to prevent involvement of its officers in terror attacks” From this statement it seems that he wanted to say “Steps are being taken to prevent any clue to be ended in ATS hands in terror attacks.”

It is ironic why he did not announce a broader inquiry to find out remains of this nexus between Indian military and Hindutva terrorists. But after looking at above facts and history of these relations it is not a very wise thing to think about any such inquiry in Indian military ever.

Immediate goals of 26/11 are clearer than ever before…

1. Eliminate Hemant Karkare along with his team to put breaks on ongoing investigations which were illuminating all links between Indian military, RAW and Hindutva organizations.

2. Divert attention towards ISI so that next time no one in India could ask about those investigations done by Karkare and his team before they got assassinated.

3. Advocate Hindutva message that Muslims are root cause of panic in India so these must be either converted to Hinduism or must be eliminated from Indian soil.

4. Create a media wave to divert attention from incidents like Malegeon and Samjhuta Express blast and hence diverting attention from investigations of these incidents as well.

It is also to be noted that Lt Col Jayant Chitale and serving Indian Col Purohit are also neighbors where as Gen Hoon and many other ex-Indian army officers are active contributors of suicide bombing training to Hindu youth and also admit it openly. This is a dangerous scenario for India in common and the world in general where the elements from Indian army are taking part in training suicide bombers after becoming part of Hindu fundamentalist organizations.

If these elements are let loose in future which is a sure possibility keeping in view track record of RAW then there is strong possibility of falling of Indian nukes into the hands of Hindu fundamentalists who are more dangerous to the world than Pakistani religious groups.

India had been having civilian governments throughout its history while armed forces have been sidelined in many issues including nukes which are under the civilian government more than the Indian army.

But unfortunately Indian politics and successive governments over the years have been manipulated by Hindu fundamentalist organisations like RSS, Bajrang Dal and BJP. These organisations over the decades since creation of India have gradually penetrated the Indian army. Now with top ranking officials of Indian army having links with Hindu hardliner politicians who are fanatics and running suicide training camps, it is feared that Indian nuclear assets might be slipped into the hands of these Hindu fundamentalists who have been ruthlessly killing Christians, Muslims and Dalits in India.

God forbid if these Hindu fundamentalist took over Indian nuclear weapons then the region will face the biggest threat.

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  1. Nice and Comprehensive .

  2. The Indian Army remains one of the most secular organizations in the country. It remains an island of secularism in a society, parts of which have deep communal fault-lines. Nowhere else in India do a Mandir, Masjid, and Gurdwara co-exist as in the Army, where these are often in the same building/tent, nick-named MMG (which is also an abbreviation for one of their weapons, i.e., the medium machine gun).

    However, since the Army also draws its constituents from society and since they have to exist in society, it can not, unfortunately, remain completely immune to all that ails society. Thus, the viruses of corruption and, of late, even communalism have affected it to a certain extent.

    Despite everything, however, the average soldier is more secular than the average Indian.

  3. I suppose the author considers Ajmal Kasab who, along with one of his fellow gunmen, shot down Hemant Karkare and some other police officers to be a Pakistani citizen trained by the RSS. Perhaps the RSS has training camps over there too or perhaps the RSS called up the Lashar-e-Toiba and requested for the Mumbai attacks to be organised for mutual benefit! 😀

    She, unfortunately, appears to be no different from any anti-Pakistan rabble-rouser in India. A tribe that harms the cause of peace in South Asia through propaganda.

  4. Dear readers, Indian army is a symbol of secularism . It has representation of Hindu Sikh Christian and few percentage of Muslims with officers like Asger kakeem .It the streategy to counter the shadow war of Pakistan we are being compelled to adopt tit for tat streategy and developing good relation with Countries like Israiel and America but on equal footing which is just in contrat to yours .Now our army is fully determined to root out the terrorism with the active collaboration of all well known intelligence agencies of the world .At the grass root people level we are extending all possible support to the Govt. Of India and Govt. of USA AND WEST To complete their mission in this regard without any hesitation .

  5. 1.The blogger has not been able to link her claims .
    Well its india secular society(hindus are only secular) who nabbed the malegao and samjhauta suspects(well indians dont see the religion of the criminals.we have no concept of brotherhood)

    pakistan interior minister,opposition leader,nationa security adviser,foreign minister ,geo tv all have accepted that role of pakistan agency and kasab with aid of jud .

    2.most of pakistanis claim jud to be a charity organization.yes they hide their real face behind charity works.Their founder himself admitted and accepted it.

    3.Personally, i feel pity for women and men who are living in pakistan under such gruesome conditions of law and order.Any tom ,dick and harry could charge you with blashphemy.
    Pakistan is on verge of economic crisis.Rather than appeasing taliban and playing power games,why it doesnt sign an indefinite peace treaty with india.

    India can rule pakistan better than those corrupt politicians and it can offer them a safer,secular society with freedom.

    • @ Mr. Terex
      You guys burn Muslims in a train, bomb a mosque, a shrine, incinerate villages & towns inhabited by Muslims but don’t feel ashamed declaring yourself secular!!!!!!!
      Pakistan many times offered peace treaty to India but the Indian leaders did not want peace with Pakistan as they do not want it now as well. Hence they refused to sign a friendship treaty with Pakistan.
      We do have financial problems but in that regard even world’s sole super power too has problems who owe billions of dollars to the Chinese. It therefore does not mean that US is an insolvent nation. You Indians have developed a habit to find faults with us Pakistanis and issue a clean chit to your own country India. This is in perfect fitment of always calling oneself Mian Mithoo [self praise, Ok guys, go on scratching your back].
      Indians cannot rule their own land. So m,any states in India are on fire. You should first put your own house in order. We in Pakistan know how to set things right ourselves, we do not need help, support nor any other “good wish” of our Indian friends whom we very well know i.e. how sincere they are as far as Pakistan as a stable country is concerned.

  6. wat a funny….porky artical….

    • And now a ‘porky’ comment for you Mr. hhhi. It’s a letter written by an Indian social activist to India’s MP’s on L’affaire Antulayp-Karkare.. Happy reading.

      By BAL PATIL

      As an independent observer of the Indian political scene and its ups and downs in the last four decades, and a journalist and an ex-Member of the Media Expert Committee of the Government of India, I was simply stunned by the frenzied debate in and out of Parliament and on the TV channels asking for the dismissal of A.R. Antulay for his observation that “there is more to it than meets the eye” in Hemant Karkare’s killing and that it should be investigated. To be frank. I could not make out what political or secular blasphemy Shri Antulay thereby committed.

      The first and last principle of fair reporting is : comment is free but facts are sacred. Only a day before the 26/11 terrorist attack BJP leaders were calling ATS Chief Karkare a deshdrohi – a traitor- an offence which carries death penalty. Ironically the very same leaders were calling Shri A.R. Antulay a Deshdrohi, and worse, a Pakistani agent! I am merely putting the record straight.

      Permit me to recall re: Karkare episode when you and your party Members were going into the well of the House and/or standing in your seats and I heard allegations hurled at Antulay of being not only anti-national but also being an agent of Pakistan and brother of Dawood. I was stunned at such patently false, mischievous and malicious allegations.

      I would particularly like to draw your attention to the Awami Bharat Press Conference held at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh on 20th December, 2008 demanding a high level probe into the deaths of Shri Karkare, Shri Kamte and Shri Salaskar and supporting the demand made by Shri A. R. Antulay and thanking him for having brought this issue to the centre stage of the national debate, and further that “the remarks by A. R. Antulay have stirred the latent doubts amongst all communities and the popular perception that far differs from what the media would have us believe.”
      India is at the crossroads of history when Pakistan is recklessly beating war drums and terrorists indubitably of the Pak origin created havoc of 26/11. When the UPA Government is seriously considering war-like options if Pakistan is persistently denying terrorist links, it would be suicidal to ignore the threat of internal sabotage posed by the indigenous terror linked with extremist organisations as revealed in the ATS investigation in Malegam blasts.

      2. A section of the MPs and a large section of media are outraged by Shri Antulay’s voicing a demand for investigation of Karkare’s killing. May I ask in all journalistic and secular conscience why every true Indian committed to the secular ideal of the Constitution should not feel outraged by the following interview in the Outlook Magazine dated November 17, 2008 with Himani Savarkar ‘If We Can Have Bullet For Bullet, Why Not Blast For Blast?’

      Smt.Himani Savarkar, the niece of Nathuram Godse, and daughter of Gopal Godse married to Veer Savarkar’s nephew, is the president of the Abhinav Bharat… Some members of this organisation have been linked to the Malegaon bomb attack of September 29. Himani spoke to Outlook Magazine (Nov.17, 2008) as follows:

      Excerpts from the interview in the Outlook Magazine dated November 17, 2008
      Question: What are the objectives of Abhinav Bharat?

      “Our aim is to fight terror—spread awareness of who the real terrorists are and teach people how to oppose terrorism…. Since the government failed to act, there had to be a reaction. If what the police claim against Sadhvi Pragya Singh and the others is true, then it is just a reaction against the real terrorism….

      Question: But is a blast-for-blast strategy the way to tackle terrorism?

      “Didn’t Maharashtra deputy CM R.R. Patil say that we must reply with a bullet for a bullet? Then why can’t we have a blast for a blast? Sameer Kulkarni and the others are patriots who love their country. But the government is now trying to declare them guilty to weaken the Hindus. We have become a soft state…should we all wear bangles now? The government doesn’t want to fight terrorism. That’s why it will never take action against the Muslims. The police have cracked so many cases like the encounter in Delhi where Muslim terrorists were killed. But as soon as the police takes action, there are shouts for a judicial inquiry.

      Question : How should India fight terrorism?

      “We must declare ourselves a Hindu Rashtra where everyone is a Hindu. Anyone who isn’t should be declared a second-class citizen and denied voting rights. Those who have problems with this should leave and settle in other countries. The Hindu votebank must unite to vote out any government that fails to tackle terror. Then we must throw out the outsiders like Bangladeshis who live off India’s wealth and work towards destroying us.”

      This Outlook interview also reports “Lt Col Jayant Chitale, a retired air defence artillery officer who runs the Maharashtra Military Foundation (MMF). Chitale lives and operates out of a bungalow a few blocks from Purohit’s home off Law College Road, Pune. He says with some pride, “I have over 1,000 of my boys serving in the three services today. Each one has been brainwashed by me. They are motivated, determined and will do anything for the nation.”

      Interestingly, a visitor’s book that Chitale has carefully preserved for nearly two decades lists the names of all the young men who trained under him. An entry on February 20, 1993, lists a young Shrikant Prasad Purohit, residing on Law College Road, Pune. “He was a brilliant boy,” says Chitale, “This Malegaon blast could be the reaction of years of frustration within the army over denial of their rights and prestige.The politicians and the bureaucrats continue to ignore the military at their own peril and these acts could just be the beginning.”

      Would it not be better to term the Malegam blasts accused as “Hindutva terrorists” in view of the clear ideological Hindutva and fascist geneology as revealed in their association with the RSS and the Bhonsla Military School established by Dr.Munje godfather of Dr.Hedgewar founder of the RSS who modelled the BMS on Nazi Fascist model.

      Inspiration for the RSS cadres and their paramilitary training was derived from Benito Mussolini’s fascist paramilitary groups, the Blackshirts, after RSS mentor and founder, BS Moonje visited the Italian dictator in 1931. As detailed in Marzia Casolari’s article, “Hindutva’s foreign tie-up in the 1930s: Archival evidence” (Economic and Political Weekly, January 22, 2000):

      “To understand militant Hinduism, one must examine its domestic roots as well as foreign influence. In the 1930s Hindu nationalism borrowed from European fascism to transform ‘different’ people into ‘enemies’. Leaders of militant Hinduism repeatedly expressed their admiration for authoritarian leaders such as Mussolini and Hitler …”

      It is not only naive but also sheer deception to claim as Mr. Advani does that the RSS does not believe in violence or that Nathuram Godse dissociated himself from the RSS. The ideological connection between Sawarkar, Hindutva, RSS, and the bomb-culture as exhibited in Malegam-type bomb blasts is as infaliible as the DNA test and can be traced back to Sawarkar’s student days in London.The BJP leadership cannot idolise Sawarkar by committing the ultimate affront to Mahatma Gandhi by placing Sawarkar’s portrait opposite that of Gandhi in the Parliament House and claim with a straight face that RSS does not believe in violence and Hinduism does not preach violence.

      The ‘Hindutva’ terrorism is no stranger to bomb culture. RSS>BMS>Abhinav Bharat are explicitly rooted in fascist ideology. And Nathuram Godse was not unacquanited with the bomb culture before he actually murdered Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January, 1948. Madanlal Pahwa, a refugee threw a bomb at Gandhi’s prayer meeting on 20th January, 1948 and his statement before the police had given the names of the conspiracy afoot to assassinate Gandhi.

      The fact is that before the actual assassination in 1948 there were several attempts on Gandhi ji’s life from 1934. The first was when Mahatma Gandhi was engaged in a nationwide tour against untouchability he went to Poona on 19th June 1934. On 25th June 1934 he was targetted with a bomb by the Hindutva fundamentalists. There was no question then either of the partition of the country or the 55 crores to be given to Pakistan. The incident of this bomb attack is mentioned by Pyarelal in his Last Phase Part II. Even more detailed information is given in D.G. Tendulkar’s Mahatma Part III. A bomb was thrown at Gandhi on 25th June 1934 when he was going to Pune Municipality conference hall to give his talk. In this bomb attack the chief executive of the municipality along with two police constables were seriously injured. Mahatma Gandhi escaped just because he was in the car behind. Pyarelal says the attack was well planned. The photos of Nehru and other congress leaders were found in the shoes of the attackers which means that the culprits were arrested. Thus before the bomb attack by Madanlal on January 20 1948 there was an earlier bomb attack. Most of the newspapers of the day published reports stating that the bomb attack was to kill Mahatma Gandhi.

      Even more significant was another attempt on Gandhi’s life at Matheran in 1944 when Nathuram was arrested when trying to assault Gandhiji with a sharp weapon at Panchgani near Pune as testified by Manishanker Purohit, the proprietor of the Surti Lodge in Pune before the Kapur Commission. It is pertinent to note in this context that Pyarelal testified before the Kapur Commission that the RSS had infiltrated in the police force.

      Even more shocking is the glorification of Nathuram Godse the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi. I am also seriously concerned to draw attention of the Honourable Members of the House to the following news item in the Hindustan Times dated 30th December, 2008 captioned: CALENDER DEDICATED TO GANDHI’S ASSASSIN . The newsitem states that “nearly 60 years after Nathuram Godse was hanged for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, his ideas have come alive on a calendar dedicated to him.


      Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful New Year!
      (Wasi of Kundian)

  7. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective.

    A lot of times it’s tough to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say you’ve done
    a great job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Firefox.
    Outstanding Blog!

  8. Nathu Ram Godse and Sawerker are also the heroes of Indian history. They did what they thought correct. Their action was appreciated then and is also being appreciated now in the light of their love for the country. Their intention was to safeguard the interest of the country. What they did was not for their family but for the country as a whole. Today we do not want to glorify their actions. We deliberately do not highlight the sacrifice of Subhash, Azaad, Bhagat Singh etc but the role they played in shaping our destiny itself amply glorifies their deeds.

  9. This article talking about Lt general Hoon is totally baseless. It seems to be written by some goon of ISI. Shameless creatures. Stop talking about our generals. They are secular and brave.

  10. Hindu army?? wow look at that personality and underware =P NAZY , Al qaeda and facist are better looking 🙂

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