Hatemongers Attack Pakistan Again

Suspected militants have killed around 93 and injured hundreds in coordinated strikes against minority sect mosques. The attacks in Lahore Friday were the worst ever against Ahmadis, reviled



by Adil Najam and Owais Mughal


The forces of hate are attacking Pakistan again.

This time targeting Ahmadi worshipers in two separate locations in Lahore, killing over 70 people, [according to latest reports, the figure has reached to more than 93] injuring more than 100, taking others hostage, and spreading their terrorizing message of hate in society.

There can be nothing but rage and loathing for those who kill for the pleasure of killing. Who kill for the purpose of spreading terror and mayhem. Who kill to hide their own inadequacies of faith. Who breed in the fires of hate and kill as an expression of hate. These are the enemies of Pakistan. The enemies of the very religion they think they are safeguarding with venomous hate. They are, indeed, the enemies of humanity.

Ultimately, the person who is killed is not a Pakistani or Indian or American or even Muslim or Jew or Christian or even Barelvi or Ahmadi or Wahabi. Ultimately, the person killed is just another human. And the person who kills, is not. Because in the very act of killing for hate he has stripped himself of that distinction, of his own humanity.

Words escape us, once again. What can we say that we did not say about Karachi, about Quetta, about Swat, about Peshawar, aboutIslamabad, about Kohat – indeed about Lahore itself, again and again.

What can one add except to wipe the tears from ones eyes, to say a silent prayer – a silent prayer that society’s silence over these atrocities may break. Because when the good amongst us go silent, then only the hate of the bad resounds.

Here are the details as reported by Dawn:

Gunmen attacked worshippers from the Ahmadi community in two worship places of Lahore on Friday, taking hostages and killing at least 70 people, officials said. The gunmen opened fire shortly after Friday prayers and threw what could have been grenades at two Ahmadi worship places in residential neighbourhoods in Pakistan’s cultural capital.

Sajjad Bhutta, deputy commissioner of Lahore, said at least 70 people had been killed in the twin attacks on worship places in Garhi Shahu and Model Town. A total of 78 were injured. The death toll at Garhi Shahu was higher, Bhutta said, because three attackers blew themselves up with suicide vests packed with explosives when police tried to enter the building. Police are still searching the area as two attackers were still at large.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani strongly condemned the attacks, expressing “deep sorrow and grief over the loss of precious lives”. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said the incidents would generate greater resolve to combat extremism. “It’s a reminder to the nation that Pakistan will achieve its destiny only after we get rid of the worst type of extremism and fundamentalism,” he told a news conference. “The entire nation will fight this evil.” He said one attacker had been arrested. Police in Model Town confirmed one gunmen had been arrested and another killed.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but suspicion quickly fell on the Pakistani Taliban. “It’s too early to say who is behind these attacks,” said a Lahore-based security official. “But my guess is that like most other attacks, there would be some link to the Taliban or their associated militants.” Punjab’s Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said the arrested attacker was a teenage Pashtun. This, he said, indicated a link to the tribal area of Waziristan and strongly hinted at a Taliban link.

“The prayer leader was giving a sermon when we heard firing and blasts. Everybody stood up and then two gunmen barged into the place of worship and sprayed bullets,” Fateh Sharif, a 19-year-old student, told Reuters from Model Town. “They had long beards. They were carrying rucksacks.” Bhutta said a suicide vest laden with explosives was recovered from the Model Town worship place, where some attackers escaped. One fired at a television van before the area was made safe. “He was young, clean-shaven. He sprayed bullets at our van while fleeing the scene,” Rabia Mehmood, a reporter told Reuters.


Witnesses said the assaults were launched shortly after prayers. “I saw some gunmen run towards the Ahmadis’ place of worship and then I heard blasts and gunfire,” Mohammad Nawaz, a resident, told Reuters. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said it had warned of threats against the Ahmadi community centre in Lahore for more than a year and demanded “foolproof security and protection” from the government. It expressed concern over “the increasing sectarian dimension” of militancy in Pakistan, which it called “a big security threat to the entire society”.

Friday’s shootings were the worst attacks in Pakistan since March 12 suicide attacks seconds apart killed 57 people in Lahore while targeting the Pakistani military. Nine attacks have now killed more than 220 people in Lahore over the past year, a historical city, playground for the elite and home to many top brass in Pakistan military and intelligence establishment.

Another sad day for Pakistan. Another day when hatred overwhelms tolerance. Another day when we will cry. But a day when we should really be thinking. And thinking hard – and not just about those who will commit such evil, but about ourselves and about our having tolerated a society which would tolerate such hatred.

This poem by Ahmad Faraz, which we have used a few times before, was written for a different context. But it was written for the same context. Do please listen. Do please think:

Aashna hath hi aksar mairi janab lapkay
Mairay seenay maiñ sada appna he khañjar utra


Source: Pakistaniat Image: Nailsea Court
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13 replies to “Hatemongers Attack Pakistan Again

  1. That attacks actually meant to destroy the reputation of Pakistan and this will make the situation more worse. They are trying to weaken the economy of Pakistan. May God Bless Pakistan !

    1. Absolutely right Vinnie. Such acts of brutalities are only meant to paint Pakistan as a country of murderers. Just opposite to what this land has been. With a legacy of tolerance, legacy of accepting new concepts and beliefs Pakistan has always been a land of peace, harmony and offered relative tranquility not only for its own people but also for the people who came to visit this land whether for short visits or for permanent settlement. This land of Sufis, saints and apostles always spread the fragrance of peace, love and understanding.
      It’s really unfortunate that we have now people amongst us who kill others in the name of religion, and that too a religion which by its very meaning is nothing but peace.

  2. All peace loving muslims of the world should come forward to extend their support to the peace loving muslims of Pakistan at this critical juncture so to deal with the menace .

  3. @ Anil,

    I would say ‘Aameen’ to your wish. Let me explain to you [if you don’t know this Arabic word though its used in English as well] Amen stands for “I fully agree with you and pray that this may so happen”. Being a strong believer, I believe in the power of actions coupled with prayers so once again Amen!

  4. @ Dr. Nayyar , Those who believe that they are strong believer are in fact knowingly or unknowingly are responsible for such a situation . Their action is also adding fuel to this flame .They are so conditioned that they can not realize that what actually a liberal attitude stands for and keep on blaming others for even their inherent weaknesses creating the present situation .

    1. Whether we as strong believers [and I do not feel shy of admitting that AM A STRONG BELIEVER] and your blame that we as believers are responsible for the acts of some renegades who call themselves as Muslims, I understand what you mean and you understand also what you mean, and we both understand what is meant by this blame game.
      It’s a pity you write something good and then in the same breath start ranting [the blame game].Dhannaywad Anil, buhat buhat Dannaywad.

      Aik hamaiñ ‘believer’ kaehna koi barha ilzaam nahiñ
      Dunya walay dil waloñ ko aur buhat kuchh kaehte haeñ.

  5. When one recieve a free and frank opinion as a blame game then nothing more left to discuss .My comment is not personal though it appears to be .I am also a strong believer of GOD rest are just a means to realize it and when the means become supreem it is only then the question of blasphemy arises and we put ban on media or indulge in violence .At present Islamic Pakistan is not What you say but what the rest of the world is observing .

  6. The lives of members of religious minorities, unfortunately, are neither safe in India, nor in Pakistan, as various occurrences continue to prove, from time to time.

    In India, 4000 innocent Sikhs were murdered in the most brutal manner in 1984, 2000 innocent Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 and hundreds of them in various other incidents of communal violence over the years and a large number of Christians were killed in 2009 violence targeted against them in Orissa.

    In Pakistan, in addition to the recent atrocity against the Ahmediyas, there have been others against Christians and Sikhs.

    Both countries share the dubious distinction of never being able to or, at times, being unwilling to punish the killers.

    Ironically, it’s those who claim to ‘believers’, whether they be Hindu fanatics or Muslim extremists, who are responsible for such massacres.

    1. You are right Sidhusaaheb, its highly unfortunate that people who are ‘believers’ are killing either their fellow believers or those of other faiths, all in the name of religion. No religion teaches hate. The brutalities which followers of the majority faith in India and Pakistan perpetrate against their respective religious minorities is something which needs to be crushed with the strongest hand possible.
      My young Indian friend Anil takes much pleasure in attributing all such acts of terror only to Pakistan and the Muslims alone. [Personally though I firmly believe these terrorists have no faith at all. A terrorist is a terrorist whatever name you may give him]. He or she [as in case of Tamil woman terrorist who murdered former prime minister of India late Rajiv Gandhi] has been taught only to kill and that’s what these killers do. Its sheer injustice to call such terrorists as believers. All said and done, however, this would not have happened if they were not provided sanctuaries which such people find in the corridors of power in both India and Pakistan.
      As I said, Anil from India always takes much pleasure in attributing terrorism to Pakistan and the Muslims [I, though don’t think these hate mongers are even human what to say they are Muslim] and tries to absolve the Hindutva extremists in India. Fact remains however, that extremist whether of India, Pakistan or elsewhere only foments terror and need be brought to book, sooner thebetter. If India thinks TTP terrorists be nabbed and punished, so do we think the Hindutva terrorists who kill Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, likewise be nabbed and punished.

      Again its unfortunate that the highest protector of Hindutva extremists in Gujarat is none else than the elected chief minister Nirendra Moodi. Anil is very fond of talking about non state actors responsible for terrorism in Pakistan but he is always silent on the Gujarat state sponsored terrorism [the state actors] in India.

  7. @ Nayyar , It is becouse of deliberate negation of facts, muslims are facing trobble all over the world and particularly in Pakistn .Is there any comparision between Gujrat and 84 episode and shooting of Ahmedia in a mosque ? Can you cite any incidence other than 84 in Indian history when Sikhs have been murdered by Hindus instead they are having a distinct and respectable place in our society .Muslims and Christian minority can not attain the similar status due to their heinous game of conversion and as a result some time get subjected to the mob rescentment . Narendra modi like keaders are required not only in Gujrat but in each and every state of India . Don’t try to spit on the sun through the use of this B.S. Blog .

  8. @ AK Tewari,

    Anil with all the love I have for you, I need not offer any further comment. The beautiful language you use for me and this website is a “COMPLIMENT’ and I really thank you for that.

    1. @ Nayyar Basically I am not a hate monger .but get irritated by those who tends to misinterpret the facts due to their good command over the language .My sincere advice is to you that please use your skils to ractify the mentality of your fellow muslim brothers rather than cover it with wrong comparision with Indian events .If you realy wants a good relation between India and Pakistan then use your blog to remove the differences by accepting the facts and neglecting the past misunderstandings .

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