‘Final Solution’ Frenzy [3 of 4]




Tariq Saeedi with Sergi Pyatakov in Moscow & Mark Davidson in Washington


This third installment in the investigative series is being published for the first time here.  The News Central Asia in Turkmenistan is recovering from a severe hacking attack, probably as a result of this series.  We wish them a speedy recovery.]

Several things happened since the publication of the second report in this series about a couple of week ago: Karzai finally broke down under tremendous American pressure; after a gap of six years terrorism resurfaced in Russian at a time and in areas most convenient for American interests; the government in Kyrgyzstan collapsed with a helpful push from Russia; Ban Ki-moon toured Central Asia, and the lecturing tone of his talks in each country and the composition of his delegation raised eyebrows in the region; and there is an unprecedented push to impose more sanctions on Irn.

All of these developments are related to our current series of investigative reports in one way or the other.

The accelerated pace of events in the Eurasian region has forced us to hasten with the remaining material. This series – ‘Final Solution’ Frenzy – was supposed to unfold in about twelve reports but now we have decided to cram the remaining information into three or four reports. This would rush the things and make if difficult to provide an easily understandable narrative.

For the purpose of this report, we consulted four experts, two in Moscow, and two in Washington. For obvious reasons, they would like to remain anonymous. Instead of assigning them pseudonyms, we would simply refer to them as ‘experts’ in this report.JULY RENDEZVOUS

There is a new sense of urgency in the DoD-CIA circles. An anxiety, bordering on desperation, has apparently enveloped the minds of everyone from Gates-Vickers duo down to field commanders.

The media whitewash notwithstanding, Operation Moshtarak was neither a big battle not a big success, the political will is eroding fast in many NATO countries, some of the defeats of Americans in Afghanistan are being pathetically described as strategic repositioning, there is nothing to show for the military and civilian surge so far while Obama is nearing the election phase where he might face a very formidable Sarah Pallin, and Iran is stronger than ever.

Run, Obama, run. Run, Bob, run. Run, Mike, run.

Our experts in Washington and Moscow were unanimous in their opinion that JULY 2010 appears to be a crucial month in American plans. The architects of the Final Solution are rushing to rendezvous with the Final Solution. Most of the elements for the Final Solution would be in place by July 2010.

Our experts also opine that after July 2010, the components would be in place to start a proper war against Iran and do an amputation surgery on Pakistan.


A network of Patriot Defence System (PAC-3) has been established in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. UAE and Saudi Arabia purchased Patriot under their ambitious acquisition drives largely fed by the fear mongering by the United States.  Final tests are scheduled for July 2010.

Our Washington expert told that all of these systems are centrally linked to the control centre in Israel. Among other things, it would ensure that none of the Patriot systems, costing the Gulf countries billions of dollars, would be available for their defence against Israel.

Our expert in Moscow said that Patriot system is designed to protect the aggressor from counterattack. It means that an aggressor, after hitting first, can hide behind the Patriot shield to avoid retaliation by the aggrieved party. Obviously, the only understandable reason for erecting a wall of Patriot between Israel and Iran is to provide for the time when Iran would try to retaliate after being bombarded by US-Israel forces.

Our expert in Moscow also told that USA is pushing very hard to sell Patriot system to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, two countries that bordering Iran.

Patriots are produced by Raytheon. William Lynn, the former vice president of Raytheon, is currently the deputy secretary of defence and a close friend of Gates and Vickers.


Our Washington expert said that despite being billed as the ultimate shield, Patriot has two basic flaws: 1. If left running for several days, it acquires a time lag; and 2. Its IFF ping response system is prone to mistakes.

He said that a time lag of 1/3 second creates an error of 600 meters at optimum range, rendering it virtually ineffective.

Even Raytheon people would try to convince you otherwise, the IFF ping signature recognition system of Patriot can easily be duped into mistaking foe for friend and friend for foe, he said.


The United States has formidable presence in the Gulf already. Bahrain is home to the US Navy Fifth Fleet. Qatar hosts the US Central Command (USCENTCOM), and Kuwait has a large US military base. These forces would be augmented starting July 2010.


In addition, at least four upgraded Ticonderoga class cruisers, equipped with Aegis ballistic missile defence system, will be stationed in the Gulf region by July 2010.

Our expert in Moscow told that Aegis ABM system is supposed to counter the Iranian Shahab missiles. This stands to logic because the only other regional countries with indigenous long range missile capacity are India and Pakistan and no one has expressed concerns about their posing threat to anyone.

The ships with Aegis interceptor systems are capable of blowing up ballistic missiles above the atmosphere. The system can track over 100 targets simultaneously. It has multidimensional capabilities i.e. it can engage land, air, sea and subsurface targets concurrently. It is an all weather system, our experts in Washington and Moscow told.

The versatility of Aegis can be seen from the fact that it was used in February 2008 to destroy a satellite orbiting the earth.


The first batch of the new generation of nuclear warheads called RRW (Reliable Replacement Warhead) was scheduled to enter service in 2012 but the deadline has reportedly been shifted back to third quarter 2010 (circa July). They are likely to be mounted on Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles

The Achilles heal of the RRW is that its delivery error is said to be above 30%. Our Washington expert told that DoD is itching to test it in real life conditions, the kind of conditions that would be obtainable if confrontation with Iran becomes a reality.


The super bunker buster MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator) or GBU-57A/B is a new generation of super bomb, ten times more powerful that its predecessor, BLU-109, that was sued in Tora Bora. Because of its immense size, it can be delivered only by B-52 or B2a Stealth Bomber.

It can penetrate 200 feet (about 60 meters) before exploding. Our sources in Washington told that the deadline of for availability of first batch of these bombs has been shifted back by three years to July 2010. DoD has pushed Boeing real hard and they have promised to deliver at least 4, possibly 10, super bunker busters by July 2010.

Under the present conflict mix, Iran is the only country where these bombs would be used, said our Moscow expert.


The Small Diameter Bomb II (SDB II) has been tested successfully and the first batch of 140 has already been handed by the manufacturer to DoD. By July 2010, some F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft would be ready for dropping these precision bombs on any targets in Iran or Pakistan.


July 2010 is also the month when the Tenth Fleet of the US Navy would be re-established. Formerly anti-submarine command, the tenth fleet has been resurrected as Navy Cyber Command Tent Fleet, a naval component of the DoD Cyber Command.

Its charter can be summed up as “information dominance,” said our Washington expert.

The tenth fleet would focus on managing and protecting the war-fighting capabilities of the defence information tech networks and simultaneously wage a war of disinformation, and airwave jamming. The possibilities include false and fake TV and radio transmissions, and websites, to spread fear and panic in target countries.

The tenth fleet will comprise of 44000 IT specialists, of which 24000 would be available by July 2010. Some of the ships from the re-created tenth fleet are expected to move to the Gulf region by late July 2010.


At least five aircraft carriers of the US Navy would either be stationed or be able to reach the Gulf region at short notice by July 2010.

Combined, they would be able to launch about 700 sorties every day, more than enough of air power to render ineffective any air force in the region.

It is heard, but not confirmed, that the new F-35 Lightening II fifth-generation fighters would be available for some of these carriers by late July or August 2010.


Our Washington experts said that some Virginia class submarines are also likely to be deployed to the Gulf region by July 2010.

In addition to their conventional role, these submarines are also capable of providing covert intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

This would be augmented substantially by additional ships and submarines from the US Seventh Fleet. The US Seventh Fleet is part of the US Pacific Fleet, the largest naval force in the world under a single command.


Our experts in Washington and Moscow agree that JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) is at the root of most of what is happening now in Pakistan and Iran and what is likely to happen after July 2010. It is necessary to underline that JSOC operates outside the US military chain of command.

JSOC is run by vice admiral William McRaven, who answers to the head of US Special Operations Command, Admiral Eric T Olson. It is located at Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, USA.

JSOC commands and controls the Special Mission Units (SMUs) that are responsible for highly classified operations, a euphemism for engaging in terrorism and blaming it on someone else.

Army’s Delta Force, Navy’s Seal Team 6, and a joint unit engaged in clandestine operations are all part of JSOC.

Because of the fact that both Robert Gates and Michael Vickers have deep roots in CIA, the SMUs of JSOC operate in close collaboration with CIA. In fact, their personnel are co-opted so frequently that it is impossible to draw a line between DoD and CIA as far black operations are concerned, told our Washington expert.

Blackwater (now Xe) is still the main contractor for outsourcing terrorism.

JSOC operates under the umbrella of USSOCOM (US Special Command Operations Command), the main unit of the sprawling empire of Michael Vickers.

We would like to underscore that even though most of the elements would be in place by July 2010 for something big to happen, it doesn’t mean that something drastic would necessarily happen in July 2010. The essence of this report is that the USA would be in a position by July 2010 to impose Final Solution on Pakistan and Iran.

Our next report would deal with the anatomy of Final Solution for Pakistan. We hope to release in about a week or ten days.

Next: Final Solution for Pakistan

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