You Don’t Pee in My Pool and I Won’t Sh*t in Your Sandbox – III

David Milliband, the British Foreign Secretary says there was “compelling evidence” that Israel has been responsible for misuse of British passports as part of a plot to kill one of the most prominent members of Hamas.

UK Expels Israeli Diplomat


For those of you who think I am digressing from my US political obsession I am not, but the UK actions this Tuesday were significant.  I have deliberately not addressed the Dubai murder mystery, waiting for more factual information or ideas to form..and today I believe that has happened.  First, let’s review what happened in Dubai:

In Jan. of  2010 – Mahmoud al-Mabhouh a member of Hamas was in Dubai, he was found dead in his hotel room.  The Dubai authorities pieced together surveillance tapes and literally showed the assassins from the point of entry to exit, every step of the way was recorded.  (You can view the video here). It reeked of Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence agency, yet there was not confirmed proof.  Israel for its part has always refused to confirm or deny any Mossad activities, rather convenient isn’t it?

Turns out there were forged, fraudulent passports involved from a variety of countries, including, but not limited to  Britain, Ireland, France and Australia.   Needless to say these governments were very upset, how did this happen?  Well today, David Milliband, the Foreign Secretary announced that there was “compelling evidence” that Israel was responsible for misuse of British passports as part of a plot to kill a prominent member of Hamas.

He went on to say that given the high quality of the forgery on the passports it was “highly likely” that they were made by a state intelligence service.

“This, together with other enquiries, and the links to Israel established by Soca, [means] we have concluded that there are compelling reasons to believe that Israel was responsible for the misuse of British passports”

Here comes the kicker:  Miliband went on to say the UK government took the matter extremely seriously and had written to the Israeli administration seeking assurances that such misuse would never happen again.

The misuse of UK passports not only presented a hazard to British nationals in the region but also represented a “profound disregard” for the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, the foreign secretary said.

“The fact that this was done by a country that is a friend with significant diplomatic, cultural, business and personal ties to the UK only adds insult to injury. No country or government could stand by in such a situation.”

Guess what the Israeli government has not responded directly, gee really?

He went on to confirm that Britain had demanded the withdrawal of an Israeli diplomat following the “intolerable” use of 12 forged British passports by a hit squad that killed the founder of Hamas’s military wing in Dubai.

Miliband attacked the “profound disregard” for UK sovereignty and said the apparent involvement of a friendly nation “added insult to injury”.

(source, you can also watch Miliband)

Ok, now let’s go across the pond as it were and what is going on in our backyard America?  Guess who’s coming to dinner?  Binyamin Netanyahu.   The Israeli prime minister gave a defiant speech in Washington to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee where he announces that Jersalem is not a settlement but the capital of Israel.  See the video

Let’s review:  Jerusalem and its final status is a point of contention in the Palestinian issue.

Let’s review:  Biden was insulted when in Israel trying to jump start the peace process and Israel announced that they would build another 1,600 apartments in East Jerusalm.

Let’s review:  On Jan. 16, General Petreus, you remember him?  The fellow in charge of Afghanistan.  He sent a team of senior miilitary briefers to the US and reported that there was a growing perception among Arab leaders that the U.S. was incapable of standing up to Israel, that CENTCOM’s mostly Arab constituency was losing faith in American promises, that Israeli intransigence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was jeopardizing U.S. standing in the region.  Read the whole article at

Let’s Connect the Dots:  We want our troops home, we want out of Afghanistan.  Does anybody disagree?  What is slowing us from making an exit?  Let’s see  according to the guy on the ground he has put his finger right on it, we have to solve the Arab Israeli crisis, and maybe, just maybe we shouldn’t be telling Israel that we are best friends forever, maybe just maybe we should be telling them – you know what…it is not acceptable for you to involve other countries in your James Bond “hits”, it is not acceptable for you to make unilateral inflammatory statements when everybody is trying to save you ass and find some peaceful resolution, you cannot keep pissing in everybody’s pool and not expect somebody to come over and shit in your sandbox!

Of course now we all want to know who this Israeli diplomat was?  Don’t we?  Miliband did not say..but according to the UK newspaper the Telegraph it was…. “A government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment ahead of the statement, says Britain will expel one Israeli diplomat. Sources disclosed that the individual is MOSSAD’S London representative.


Source: Political Monkey 2010’s Blog
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the ‘Wonders of Pakistan’. The contents of this article too are the sole responsibility of the author(s). WoP will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this post.



3 replies to “You Don’t Pee in My Pool and I Won’t Sh*t in Your Sandbox – III

  1. I have a distinct opinion on all of this.

    It’s politics, a show, a choreographed display.

    These people are all in bed with one another. They belong to the same clubs, vacation at the same beaches in Dubai and their kids all go to the same exclusive private British, Israeli and American schools. It’s a show.

    Israel and Mossad were behind the events of 9/11/2001 and that’s all that matters to me.

    Let me ask this, “Did Muslims bomb the USS Liberty?”

    To that we know the answer.

    Let me ask this, “Did Muslims bomb the USS Cole?”

    The former CIA agent, John O’Neill, who worked with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York and New Jersey stated that the USS Cole was hit by a specially-configured Popeye cruise missile launched from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. Israeli tests of the missile in May 2000 in the waters off Sri Lanka demonstrated it could hit a target 930 miles away. The ex-CIA agent also stated that Ambassador Bodine threw John O’Neill and his team out of Yemen lest their investigation began uncovering evidence that the Cole was not blown up by an explosive-laden boat but by an Israeli cruise missile.

    The former CIA agent said the reason for the Israeli attack was to further galvanize U.S. public opinion against both Al Qaeda and the Democrats in the weeks prior to the 2000 presidential elections.

    Up is down, black is white and the truth is lies.

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