How the young Afghans were indoctrinated to kill the “INFIDELS”

Decades after decades we commit fatal mistakes. First Gen. Zia did it, then Musharraf [though Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto as well as Mian Nawaz Sharif too cannot be absolved of this ‘noble’ act of playing into the hands of the successive US administrations] and now president Asif Ali Zardari doing the same thing. Don’t they know, by sowing barley in the fileds, neither we nor the Americans can expect a wheat harves!! 




Nayyar Hashmey


Today, while reading the online journal ‘There are no sunglasses’ weblog edited by my blogger friend, Peter Chamberlin, I saw an interesting piece [it follows next].

While reading this article I was startled to note that the writer of this piece could be the same Craig Davis about whom we already had mentioned in our post, “Pakistan, A Suicidal Nations in the Crosshairs” , also see .

The article shows how the CIA through its men indoctrinated the Afghan children to harass, maim and murder the infidels [which in those days were the Soviets]. While doing this, the CIA guys overlooked the fact that while teaching the kids to kill infidels (in the name of Islam), a chain of Jihad starts in the raw minds, a strong belief remains embedded throughout their life even when their minds have reached to a full maturity that they have to kill infidels no matter they are from the neighboring soviet lands or from thousands of miles from across the seven seas.

One of such men the prime mover, the Incharge of this brainwashing programme was Dr. Craig Davis. This man who later was reported to have become the part of Blackwater /Xe / CAII’s notorious agenda of a follow up of the same nurseries they had groomed in yesteryears [to kill the infidels] had now come to devise the ways and means of changing the text books of these schools. Its in this context that Dr. Craig Davis recalls his experience in the following post which we publish courtesy ‘There are no sunglasses’.

Dr. Craig Davis was reported to be back in Pakistan last year, however was expelled from the country in June, 2009 but after two months again was said to be back. Peter Chamberlin reports about his search in following words.

[Is the author of this article the same “Craig Davis” who was arrested and deported from Peshawar, allegedly working for “Blackwater”?   I tried my best to contact the author of this article, Craig Davis, even contacting former colleagues at Indiana State Univ., but no response could be obtained.]

Let’s now come to the post which Dr. Craig Davis compiled in 1999-2000. This post reveals how did Craig and his bosses devise the text books for “primaries” in the Afghan tent villages, how did they poison the raw minds against “infidels”. Poisoned they did and succeeded too, but as Arundhati Roy so aptly remarks on indoctrination of raw minds with hatred and revenge for infidels in the name of Islam / Afghan nationalism and thus create Frankenstein which brings the elephant right into your own room.

So what’s happening nowadays with the US vis-à-vis the Mujahideen is something that we call in Punjabi “Hoar Choopo”.

Tragic though it is, that our governments, then and now fully supported them. They told us then in the eighties that it was our war against the Soviets and now we are again being told that it is our war against the Taliban. It was either wrong then or is it wrong now.

Am unfortunate saga of this dreadful policy is that we still are a part and parcel of CIA’s covert and overt wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan. At one time we are helping US in achieving its agenda, but then we lament why US asks us to do more forgetting the very fact that to be accomplice in an uncalled war and then shedding crocodile tears over it doesn’t pay. It never paid anybody.

Decades after decades we commit fatal mistakes. First Gen. Zia did it, then Musharraf [though Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto as well as Mian Nawaz Sharif too cannot be absolved of this ‘noble’ act of playing into the hands of the successive US administrations] and now president Asif Ali Zardari doing the same thing.

“Sowing barley, AND expecting a wheat harvest!!

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3 replies to “How the young Afghans were indoctrinated to kill the “INFIDELS”

  1. Leaders are earning foreign investments, settlement and luxurious places in Pakistan for running and supporting US War and Terrorism Show in the region. It is people of this region who are suffering because of their ignorance and poor political awareness and that’s what actually is going on around them and what will be the consequences in future.This is a high example of how the mediocre are led by crooks and evil minded people.

    1. You are right Nazia. But to curse people for all these ills is not the real thing. People are never wrong, its only the leaders who make them do wrong things, wrong decisions. If leaders are good, people do become good too. But if the leaders are corrupt, inefficient, unscrupulous, then people behave the same way.
      It started from day, the reigns of our government went into the hands of the military whose principal course of study, profession and foresight comes from a strict regime of fighting during an attack on the country and during peace to remain in an all time alert positon to defend the motherland.

      Such regime of discipline in their body and spirit is, however, shattered when they come to act in the arena of politics which by no means is their strong wicket, for politics is a field for which they neither are trained, nor are they supposed to play the games which the “bloody civilians” play and hence the result is obvious.

      [Its another matter though that they think they are masters of every known game on earth, and can play these better than the civilians].

      As we see from our own history in the early days of our independence, the civilian leadership which was working under the able guidance of the father of the nation built up this country in spite of the meager resources at hand. But when our generals started usurping power through the sheer rule of danda they indulged into all sorts of corruption many more times than the civilians, so the commoners also started indulging in the corruption wherever and whenever they have / had the chance.

      Coupled with this are the no-direction academia which together with the poor governance, creates a vicious circle that every Tom, Dick and Harry believes in snatching every bit of graft that he is able to grab.

      I think media in Pakistan can play a significant role in making the rulers to account for their deeds/misdeeds and simultaneously educate the masses to be cognizant of their rights and their role in a practical contribution towards responsible, result oriented, visionary governance in Pakistan.

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