Irans’ Nuclear Programme: Never Mind the Facts, Let’s Have a War…

Tc oerce Iran, is Obama using same tactics as used by George W. Bush?



Never Mind the Facts, Let’s Have a War…


by Finian Cunningham


A missile test-fired by Iran last December was reported on the BBC World Service as being “capable of striking Israel”.

The choice of words was not unusual. On previous occasions when Iran has test-fired a long-range rocket, the BBC and other western news media dutifully inform us that the said device is “capable of striking Israel”. The well-worn phrase is so reliably heard in these news bulletins that its use betrays a coded script. The not-too subliminal implications are that Iran is: a) a hostile state; b) doing something illegal in test-firing a long-range missile; and c) gearing up to deliver on its alleged threat to wipe out the state of Israel.

Within hours of these reports, the US government weighed in with the pious accusation that the test-firing “undermines Iran’s claims of peaceful intentions”.

This is a propaganda system at work: the choice of words and framework of logic designed to condition people into accepting certain options. In this case, the pre-determined option is a unilateral military strike on Iran either by the US or Israel. In that event, it will of course be reported by the BBC and other western media as a “pre-emptive” military measure to “prevent” Iran from attacking western interests in the region. Reported too, no doubt, will be the “collateral damage” of civilian casualties – unfortunate victims in an otherwise “just cause” to bring a “hardline regime” to abide by “international norms”. This is classic thought engineering that British political essayist George Orwell exposed so brilliantly – the official use of sanitised words to cover the sordid truth.

So let’s rewind and play back the news with some pertinent facts and context that are routinely omitted in western media reporting.

Iran has test-fired a long-range missile – within its sovereign borders. The US and its western allies carry out such weapons testing all the time, as is their sovereign right. One of the US’ allies, Israel, has a stockpile of nuclear weapons in contravention of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. This same ally has previously committed acts of aggression (war crimes) by launching air attacks on neighbouring countries. Israel, with overt approval from Washington, has repeatedly said that it is prepared to militarily strike Iran “soon”.

The US itself has warned several times that it reserves the right to use a military option in its relations with Iran. The US is waging illegal wars in three of Iran’s neighbours: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. A dynamic of fear and distrust between Gulf countries is fuelling a regional arms race. This dynamic is being pushed by the US with, what should be, obvious self-serving interests (massive arms sales, geopolitical influence) that are instead disguised by its bogeyman illusion of Iran, which, unfortunately, Gulf states appear to buy into. All told, these facts actually do “undermine US claims of peaceful intentions”.

Here are some other facts that the western media curiously underplay. Iran is not at war with any country, although it is routinely accused in the western media, without supporting evidence, of covert subversion across the region. Iran is conducting a nuclear energy programme, which it has repeatedly said is for civilian power supply. After a decade of close monitoring by UN inspectors, which would never be permitted in its territory by the US or its western allies, the inspectors have reiterated that there is no evidence of Iran building a nuclear weapon. Nevertheless, this conclusion does not restrain Washington and London in their dogged assertion that Tehran is building nuclear weapons (cue more arms sales).

Given these facts, the test-firing by Iran of a long-range missile is far from being a quasi-criminal act laden with hostile intentions. It is the action of a country that needs to show it can defend itself amid relentless provocations from proven and much more greatly armed aggressors, whose arsenal also includes a propaganda system that Nazi spinmeister Joseph Goebbels would have marvelled at.

Source: Global Research
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  1. West as a whole is commited to defend Israel at any cost .Any threat to the security of Israel is therefore taken seriously there especially by those who are intending to remove Israel from the world map .Israel is a land of Yahudees and Jesus Chriest who came much before the Mohammad Saheb then who is illegaly occupying the area is very easy to understand . The same is the case in Ayodhaya .Ram temple came much earlier than Baberi Masjid . Kashmir belong to Lord Buddha .The destruction of statue at Baniyan is the recent example of Muslims uncivilised attitude and therefore they are bound to suffer all aroud the world what to say in Israel .

  2. @A. K. Tewari,

    West is committed as a whole to defend Israel because:-

    1. It carries a centuries old burden on its conscience of insulting, torturing and ultimately murdering the Jews in ghettos during different episodes of western history.

    2. In order to have an eye on oil rich Middle East they needed an illegitimate regime which could serve interests of the military industrial complex in the US and Great Britain, an integral part of the US Jewry especially the Zionists who conspire hand in glove with the corporatized world of the west.

    3. For your absurd thesis of accepting the rights of people on a land because they have been living much older than them, you better read history before commenting sans real knowledge. You seem to be a doctor so better restrict to your profession instead of wrongly commenting on history.

    4. If one sticks to your own premise than instead of foolishly comparing the Buddhists vs. Muslims, you should have looked up to your own sleeves. India’s Hindus, who claim themselves as Aryans, do not belong to Bharat either. They too are foreigners as they came from Central Asia to the Indus lands called India and illegally occupied the land of the Shudras, the real owners of the subcontinent.

    5. For your information, Arabs and Jews belong to the same stock, so they are no foreigners in their own lands. They have been living there since the time of Abraham whose lineage they derive from vis-à-vis the Jews who derive their lineage from Isaac.

    6. If Kashmir belongs to Buddhists, then whole of India belongs to Lord Buddha. If you are so fond of Lord Buddha’s statues in Bamiyan, why don’t you ask your government to hand over all of India to Buddhists and Shudras or the Dalits who according to your own theory should be the owners of India! For your information, Lord Buddha’s followers settled into present day Pakistan when they were harassed and persecuted by the Brahmins from India which is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Its here that they got their complete freedom to live, do business, and express their skills in carving out the statues of their Lord in as venerated shapes as they wished to. These statues still stand there even though Pakistan is a Muslim state but Babri Masjid could not stand in secular India because India’s secularism stands only for the Hindus, not for the Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians and Dalits of India.

    As far your B.S. about Allah’s messenger coming later than the holy Jesus, again for your knowledge the chain of prophets coming one after the other is what Allah has always been wishing to ordain this world with the righteous path but unfortunately people like you would never accept the truth for you neither have the ears to listen the truth, tongues to speak the truth nor the wisdom to understand the truth.

    Wasi of Kundian

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