Balochistan Gold Reserves – Exclusive Report


The Reko Diq project is a large copper-gold porphyry resource located in the dry desert conditions of southwest Pakistan within the remote and sparsely populated province of Balochistan. It is a giant copper and gold project in Chaghi.
The main license (EL5) is held jointly by the Government of Balochistan (25%), Antofagasta Minerals (37.5%) and Barrick Gold (37.5%). Actually Barrick has a 50% interest in Tethyan Copper Company (the other 50% is owned by Antofagasta plc), which has a 75% interest in the Reko Diq project and associated mineral interests (for a resulting 37.5% interest in Reko Diq).



by Naveed Taj Ghouri


Reko Diq has world’s largest copper reserves. It is also one of the biggest Gold reserves in the world. Its estimated value is around US$100 billion and it’s just a surface estimate. The international conspiracy roots behind US invasion in Balochistan through drone attacks and Jewish Mining Company Barrick Gold!

In wake of the current turmoil in Pakistan, thousands of journalists, attorneys, opposition leaders, human rights activists and NGO members, have thus far not been able to put a hand on the Antofagasta / Barrick Reko Diq joint venture advanced exploration project, a conspiracy to gain 75% of all the reserves, gold, copper and whatever they find….

Question arises why US is so much after Balochistan and why is she now talking about drone attacks on Quetta and other areas of Balochistan. The answer is: its all business and game for reserves of Balochistan. Read the exclusive Urdu Report which has been already published in BTC (Urdu)




Reko Diq is a small town in Chagai District, Balochistan, Pakistan, in a desert area 70 kilometres north west of Naukundi, near to the Iran-Afghan border.

Reko Diq, also the name of an ancient volcano, literally means sandy peak, but this is something of a misnomer. It could be called Tangav Diq, or gold peak, says Syed Fazl-e-Haider, a development expert on such projects.

Below the sands lie some 12.3 million tons of copper and 20.9 million ounces of gold. The copper-gold deposits at Reko Diq are believed to be even bigger than those of Sarcheshmeh in Iran and Escondida in Chile’.


The Reko Diq project is a large copper-gold porphyry resource on the Tethyan belt, located in the dry desert conditions of southwest Pakistan within the remote and sparsely populated province of Balochistan . The Tethyan belt is a prospective region for large gold-copper porphyries.

Reko Diq is a giant copper and gold project in Chaghi. The main license (EL5) is held jointly by the Government of Balochistan (25%), Antofagasta Minerals (37.5%) and Barrick Gold (37.5%)

Actually Barrick has a 50% interest in Tethyan Copper Company (the other 50% is owned by Antofagasta plc), which has a 75% interest in the Reko Diq project and associated mineral interests (for a resulting 37.5% interest in Reko Diq).

As of December 31, 2008, Barrick’s share of measured and indicated and inferred gold resources is 8.5 and 8.4 million ounces respectively. Barrick’s share of measured and indicated and inferred copper resources is 11.5 and 8.5 billion pounds respectively.

A further 14 mineralized porphyry bodies are known to exist, with the potential to place the Reko Diq Project among the largest undeveloped copper resources on the globe.

The TCC has estimated annual production 200 to 500 million copper tones from the project. The Company started the Reko-Diq copper project in 2003 with an investment of US $130 million. The project is faced with acute shortage of water for having no surface flow. The expected mining operations in Reko Diq will depend on sub-surface water with the exploration of underground water potential in the region being a pre-requisite for any mining project.


In a reader poll conducted by the Censored News blog; Readers, primarily Indigenous Peoples, voted Monsanto as the second Worst Company in the World. Peabody Energy Corp., recently granted a life of mine permit to expand coal mining on Navajo and Hopi lands, was voted the third Worst Company in the World.

Barrick Gold Corp., which began the destruction of the Western Shoshone’s Mount Tenabo region during Thanksgiving, was voted the fourth Worst Company in the World. Blackwater Worldwide, responsible for murders and brutality worldwide, was voted the fifth Worst Company in the World

Barrick Gold, responsible for the deaths of Indigenous Peoples around the world, began its onslaught on the sacred lands of the Western Shoshone at Mount Tenabo during the Thanksgiving holidays. Before leaving office, President Bush Sr. made it possible for Barrick to lease lands for gold mining in Nevada . Once out of office, Bush Sr. went to work for Barrick as a senior consultant.

Protesters gathered outside of Barrick Gold’s annual general meeting last year to show their solidarity with the affected indigenous community representatives who were inside the meeting voicing their complaints to the company shareholders.

In Australia, DR Congo, Ghana , Tanzania and New Guinea , Indigenous Peoples are fighting Barrick’s destruction in solidarity with the Western Shoshone. They are fighting the coring out of mountains for minute particles of gold and the poisoning of water with cyanide leaching.

Carrie Dann and other Western Shoshone grandmothers said the United States is trespassing on Western Shoshone treaty land, destroying mountains, trees, food and medicine, while leaving dirty polluted water ponds for birds and animals.

“Why doesn’t the mining company go and dig the Vatican or the Mormon Tabernacle instead of Western Shoshone lands, I’m sure they will find gold there,” said Mary McCloud, Western Shoshone grandmother, mourning the bulldozing of the pines near the ceremonial grounds on Mount Tenabo in November.

Near the Porgera mine in New Guinea, Jethro Tulin of the Akali Tange Association, told Barrick Gold, “Your security guards have been shooting and killing our people and raping, even gang-raping our women with impunity for years now.”

Sydney residents also raised concerns about cyanide.

In 2007, concerned citizens gathered at Chullora in western Sydney to protest against the multinational mining company Barrick Gold.The protest was part of an International Day of Action against the company.

Barrick Gold has mines across the globe, including North and South America, Africa and Australia.


The Jewish Company working there states that the pre-feasibility study is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2009. Work on the feasibility study has commenced and is expected to be completed in early 2010.

Barrick bought a stake in the Reko Dig copper-gold project in Pakistan for $100 million in February from Antofagasta PLC, a Chilean mining group.

In 2007, When CEO Greg Wilkins went to Islamabad in connection with that project, Munk said, he was received by both Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and President Pervez Musharraf.

Although the company’s assessment of opportunities in that country is still in the early days, Wilkins said Barrick would be “very interested” in more projects there, despite challenges posed by the presence of al-Qaida in some of its regions.

According to…. What is believed to be one of the world’s largest reserves of gold and copper were discovered last year in the Chaghi area in Pakistan’s southwest Balochistan Province. The Balochistan government has a 25% share while Barrick Gold has obtained 50% of the Reko Diq project. Reko Diq is believed to contain 12.3 million tons of copper and 20.9 million ounces of gold in inferred and indicated resources. Some surveys have suggested that Reko Diq may contain as much as 11 billion pounds of copper and nine million ounces of gold.

BHP Billiton, which was involved in the project at an earlier date, also believed Reko Diq may have the potential to yield copper resources that may eventually make it a multi-billion project. Antofagasta is now a 50-50 partner with Barrick. If the project is successful, it may have the potential to generate a mining industry in Pakistan.

An estimated US$46 million project budget includes a scoping study and initial pre-feasibility costs. The scoping study has been completed for the Western Porphyries with an updated resource anticipated at year end, Barrick Executive Vice President, Exploration and Project Development, Alex Davidson told analysts last week.

While Riko was initially envisioned as a 72,000 tpd operation, Davidson said the joint ventures partners are now examining “significantly greater outputs.”

In an e-mail to Mineweb, Barrick Senior Vice President Vince Borg said, “Our project staff in Islamabad are safe, which is the paramount concern wherever we operate, and we are in regular contact with them.” He noted that Reko Diq is in a very remote location, Balochistan , “and work on the site is continuing.”


BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, started this project with the Australian firm Tethyan, entering into a joint venture with the Balochistan government and estimating an annual production of 200 to 500 million pounds of copper. A large number of porphyry rocks are also known to exist.

The interests of the Australian company in Reko Diq and its neighbourhood were taken over by the Toronto-based Barrick Gold Corporation and the Chilean Antofagasta Minerals. These companies were handed a very lucrative deal. The terms agreed upon show that there is more to the issue than meets the eye. Royalties were reduced from the initial four to two per cent. Terms for the provision of cost-free land for an airport and a 400 km Reko Diq-Gwadar road were accepted. An unjust clause is that a 25 per cent share will be paid to the Balochistan government, but only after it invests 25 per cent in the project.

Antofagasta’s net assets at the end of 2007 grew to almost $5bn. In December 2005 it said: “Tethyan’s principal assets are a 75 per cent interest in the highly prospective Chagai Hills region of North West Pakistan known as Reko Diq, including the Tanjeel Mineral Resource. This mining district hosts significant copper-gold porphyry deposits as part of an extended copper-gold belt. Total indicated and inferred mineral resource estimates at these properties are 1,213 million tonnes with a copper grade of 0.58% and a gold grade of 0.28 grams per tonne. Estimates include probable reserves at the Tanjeel of 128.8 million tonnes with a copper grade of 0.7%.”

According to Rob Maguire of the Dominion paper, Barrick is the foremost gold mining corporation in the world, with sales exceeding $2.6bn in 2005 and the largest reserves in the industry, at nearly 90 million ounces. Proponents of this project state that the mines will create thousands of high paying jobs and give a massive boost to the local economy. However the main fear many have is that revenues generated by this project will be squandered by corrupt officials. Therefore it is imperative that a mechanism be evolved to ensure that revenues generated actually lead to better infrastructure, education and health.

These corporations have outsourced services to Pakistani contractors such as ROCKMORE PVT LIMITED, Security 2000, Zia ul Haq & Company, and foreign companies like Capital Drilling & Zain Drilling Company. In April 2008, Zain Drilling Company terminated the services of forty drilling assistants and recruited novices and non-locals. The AZAT Foundation has tried to protect their rights, and on June 14, 2008 a well-attended demonstration was held outside the Quetta Press Club.

There are many advocates of such mega projects who claim that the Baloch have benefited from their trickle-down effect. However, mining uses sodium cyanide, arsenic and other chemicals which produce toxic by-products. According to Marcel Claude, vice-president of the international environmental group Oceana, gold mining dumps 79 tonnes of waste for every 28 grams of gold and produces 96 per cent of the world’s arsenic emissions.

Community representatives of affected indigenous communities in Papua New Guinea, Chile and Australia traveled great distances to come to Toronto last year to speak out against the world’s largest gold mining corporation, Barrick Gold, regarding their gold mining operations where they live.

Note: The report is based on the information gleaned from Internet and oher sources, so are the pictures. This post sent by Jibran M. Hashmey

Writer is founder of &, an analyst, columnist, poet, blogger, & social media consultant. Web: 

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56 replies to “Balochistan Gold Reserves – Exclusive Report

  1. We all are one against anti Pakistan forces, but problem with us is that we don’t know how we can stop them due to lack of guidance. We just have to educate our youth and must make them aware on the machinations of all such anti national elements and forces. In this regard I do really appreciate your efforts. However, it is a fact that not a common civilian but concerned governing bodies can actually stop the activities of such anti Pakistan forces as we all know about our government. Still I’m confident that Pakistan (as a united country) will never be defeated by any of these damned, bloody, rogue corporate bodies because YE APNI CHALAIN CHALTAY HAIN OR ALLAH APNI.

  2. @Dear Bushra, you know, sr. Bush and many more in Pakistan has brushed their road of retired life with golden groom in association with B. Gold .It is the environmental science which has potential to give them a direct challenge, so my dear listen new tape of Osama and try to decipher the hidden meanning of the massage to find the solution of your problems.

  3. Afghanistan – The grave yard of the empires putting an open challenge to entire humanity therefore a very turbulent situation is going to emerge in the region . Since it can not become the grave-yard for entire humanity thus history is not going to repeat there. Whatever is being done there as a peace initiative amidst war is just to reduce the possible loss of life of both side . The war against Terrorism or radical Islam is an irreversible process and will only end after realizing its goal at any cost .

  4. Afghan war – A war of miscalculation . Since, so far it is not clear where the error lies therefore the war is going to prolong . The defeat is certain, of one of the warring party .The defeated party will also require a honourable exit so don’t dillute the power of the pen by confronting with each other , wait and see …..AAGE AAGE HOTA HAI KIYA .

  5. Afghan war – A war of miscalculation . Since, so far it is not clear where the error lies, therefore, the war is going to prolong . The defeat is certain of one of the warring party .The defeated party will also require an honourable exit so don’t dillute the power of the pen by confronting with each other , Wait and see …..AAGE AAGE HOTA HAI KIYA .

  6. I think sanity must prevail. Pakistani government needs to be forced to make all behind the curtain deals public and globally acknowledged shares out of mining business have to be respected. No injustice is supposed to be meted out. Hence, main responsibility lies on the govt. If govt. is corrupt, then its public which has to force its govt. not to act as a traitor to the public interests. Thus, there is an urgent need to mobilize people not only against the corrupt deals but against all unjust policies and decisions which are anti-public and anti-state. No govt. can be allowed to be a traitor to its own masses which it represents.

  7. Dear Dr. A.K.Tewari,
    We need to be very clear about basic concepts. Islam is a religion of peace. No true follower of Islam can go for any anti-human acts but only misguided muslims. Unfortunately, blind application of force bereft of reason and logic is destroying this world. Tell me why the same elements in Afghanistan or Pakistan were used by the US against the then USSR. Why they didn’t launch attacks in the US or elsewhere that time. Because they were US allies. Once abandoned by the US and Pakistan, a very well trained and well equipped informal army of warriors turned against its patron (US) and allied forces. Throughout the world, United Nations establishes peace-keeping missions to handle such post war conflicts to repatriate foreign combatants to their countries and to reintegrate in the mainstream local warriors who by choosing various professions become good citizens again. Unfortunately US preferred to abandon these warriors and Pakistani governments also mishandled the whole case.
    Even now there is time. The blunt and arrogant use of force by the US and allies including Pakistan will never control this situation. There may be long peace pauses but situation will remain volatile. Still there is time to do damage control. Try to understand that these warriors use the name of religion whereas its a matter of their survival. Rehabilitate them in the society, give them the professions they choose, I am confident problem will be solved. But U.S. has to understand. Arrogance leads to nowhere. They have destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan with blind use of force and they are not stopping. They are creating new warriors everyday by killing innocent people in drone attacks (hardly 5% may be hardcore elements). This is only making the whole world more unsafe day by day and Pakistan is the worst sufferer. None understands the plight and agony of Pakistan and its people and only Pakistan and Pakistanis are blamed throughout the world which is a grave mistake. We have lost thousands of lives in this aimless war on terror waged unscrupulously and imprudently by a handful of U.S. rulers who are misleading US citizens and the whole world. We lose a hundred lives every week on streets and at shrines in Pakistan and it doesn’t become a story whereas world media focuses 24 hours if an idiot misguided criminal (expatriate)is caught planning to plant a bomb on a street of the US. Why is this hypocrisy and double standards.
    What do you think, Hindu religion doesn’t believe in the maxim that ‘every good action returns to the doer in shape of good and vice versa’. Therefore Evil has to be encountered and handled with Good. There is no other option.

  8. when we people fuckn know these all and ready.. .DO our Pakistani authorities know this? they doing anything against it or fuking upp with the protocols and drinks and girls….
    ma ki —humari establishment ki

  9. media , media , media can do anything… i request to all news channels to HIGH light thiz ” GIFT of ALLAH ” as a HOT issue… FOr the sake of PAKISTAN

  10. we must protect this can pay all the loans of Pakistan and still save u the same is the duty of all Pakistanis to look after their assets.let us move in and start a campaign to get the vultures the battle of Baluchistan being fought to protect the vultures?was Bugti killed for the same purpose?is the leadership of Baluchistan being eliminated so that nobody resists the deals of M and the like can sit prettily in London?

  11. thanks brother for exposing such veiled truth about pakistan reserves and jewish plans of depradting of islamic atomic pakistan. But i am confused when i think of pakisatn leaders that having virtue of islam, Pakhtun nation and they still beg from outsiders and fear of them. Pakistan is fulfill in everything except our political leaders. I beg to our leaders wake up and develop pakistan on own resources and products we are with you and all pakistani. And if once you did this, you will be the strongest force of the world insaAllah. Pakistan Ziandabad

  12. pakistan is rich in gold resources and the fact is that we still lack the broad minded and visionary leadership, time is near when we will prosper and progress, pakistan wil be the hub of economic activties in near future

  13. pakistani govt should take serious steps in the project of recodick to take gold it is the future of pakistan and peoples.pls built balochistan like punjab pls not involve the foreign companies

  14. Mining activities is an unavoidable evil . The environmental cost of such ventures are enormous that is why a vigilent government and people of a country will never allow the entry of other country in this secter but Pakistan due to its baseless birth from India has been a blind compitito with rocky giant India and to aquire Kashmir on the basis of religion became a Islamic republic to produce jehadee insurgents for both India and Pakistan and sold most of its mineral rich region to other countries for generating required fund to finance such elements and army against so called anti Islamic forces arround the world and to develop nuclear capability . Now the situation has changed and masters of the land are there along with their army and equipments .Since the situation is demanding their long stay in the region therefore in order make their stay cost effective they are free to exploit their right of mineral excavation without considering its adverse environmental impacts .In the given war like situation destruction of any kind can not be resisted through a civilized approach and the armed resistance will further reduce its scope .It is therefore better surrender to servive .There is no other option gentlemen .

    1. well i think it is just poking your nose in the matters of other. We Muslims have ruled hundreds of years on the whole of India and every person was happy at that time, even your own fore father. It is just hard luck of this pak land (Pakistan) that we have a Satan (evil) in our neighbor, which every time tries to create unrest in this land, and you very well know who the evil is this


    1. yes we can control our natural recources
      we must concentrate on our vision.
      we must protess against America and drones attack
      All of our scientists and experts have on voice so we people must stand on one platform

  16. Most of the mineral rich area have been sold to rich countries by Pakistan in order to feed their ever growing population and to equip their arm forces to snach Kashmir from India by force .The result is before you people ,Now bear it .

    1. U r wrong Dr. AKT. Mineral rich deposits of Pakistan were sold by usurper, dictator and timid general Pervez Musharraf not to feed the hungry masses of Pakistan but to feed his own belly. There have been efforts now as well, particularly by the rental power mafia to thwart the endeavor of the country’s planning men and the technologists to jointly explore the billion dollars worth Thar coal reserves in Sindh and equally rich billion dollars worth of Reko-Diq copper and gold mines in Balochistan.

      The public opinion however has now pressurized the Govt. of BalochIstan not to renew the contract of Barrick Gold which the usurper, dictator awarded to that company.
      Now the matter is in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the people are very hopeful the supreme body for justice in Pakistan will decide what is good for the country and not for the generals, politicians, bureaucrats or such similar powerful lobbies in Pakistan who work hand in glove with foreign corporations to squander the mineral wealth of Pakistan.

      Wasi of Kundian

  17. Agar Pakistan mein dunya k sub say barhay oil, gas, gold, silver, iron …….. ke zakhayar bhi daryaft ho ja ain ……….. phir bhi Pakistan ke gareeb awam ko koi faida nai honay wala ……….
    kyun k jab tak ye 18 crore awam
    Eemandari aur Bay-eemmani
    Halal aur Haraam
    Jayaz aur Na-jayaz
    Islam aur Kuffar
    mein faraq mehsoos nai kar laitay, tab tak kuchh nai honay wala.
    Jaisi Qaum ……..Waisay Hukmaran !
    Ab hum jaisi qaum pe Hazrat Umar (R.A.) jaisa hukamran to aa nahi sakta..………..
    We need to follow Islam ! In letter and spirit !
    Here I share an SMS about Holy Quran ! It explicitly tells what we are now !
    Amal ki kitaab thi
    Dua ki kitaab bana diya
    Zindagi ki kitaab thi
    Qabron ki kitaab, banaa diya
    Samajhne ki kitaab thi
    Parhne ki banaa diya
    Zindon ka dastoor thi kitaab
    Murdon ka manshoor banaa diya
    Inqilab ki kitab thi kitaab
    Sawab ki kitaab banaa diya
    Jo Ilmon ka ik zakheera tha
    La ilmon ko thama diya
    Taskheer-e-kaina’at ka jo dars
    Dene aai thi kitaab
    Madarson ki nazr ker diya
    Murda qaumon ko jo zinda
    karne aai thi kitaab
    Murdon ko bakshwane per
    Uss kitaab ko laga diya

    1. @Malik, here is what my friend Gulam Asgar Mitha wrote about this beautiful verse you‘ve mentioned. Mitha writes:-

      Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (India’s 9th President from 1992-1997. He died in 1999) …received his education at St. John’s College, Agra, Allahabad University, Lucknow University, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, Lincoln’s Inn and Harvard Law School. Dr. Sharma took his M.A. Degrees in English Literature, Hindi and Sanskrit standing first in the University. He obtained his LL.M. from Lucknow University once again standing first in the University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Law at Cambridge. Dr. Sharma was awarded the Chakravarti Gold Medal for Social Service by Lucknow University.


      Ye tau hona he tha- kyun ke:
      Qur’an jo:

      Amal ki kitab thi.
      Dua ki kitab bana dia
      Samajhne ki kitab thi.
      Parhne ki kitab bana dia.
      Zindon ka dastoor tha.
      Murdon ka manshoor bana dia.
      Jo ilm ki kitab thi.
      Usay la ilmon ke hath thama dia.
      Taskheer-e-kayenaat ka dars denay aayi thi.
      Sirf madrason ka nisaab bana dia.
      Murda qaumon ko zinda karne aayi thi.
      Murdon ko bakhshwane per laga dia.
      Aye Musalmano ye tum nay kia kiya?

      Zara socheay! (Yes, contemplate!!)

      I think God has chosen this brilliant author to wake up us Muslims; so lets get this message inculcated into our psyche and fly across the cyberspace. Nothing will happen if we don’t.

  18. Even the Supreme Court of Pakistan will be helpless in this matter. It will have to decide the issue according to the terms and conditions of the contract between the parties concerned. The contracted area belongs to those who have paid dollars and Euros for this purpose. The only option left for Pakistanis is to work deep in the mine to improve their livelihoods.

  19. Media should come to the responsibility of revealing the real facts behind all the bloody conspiracy, so that the engineering and research students can explore the prescribed area in order to boost up our employment resource. Because the main reason is that most of our upcoming engineers don’t even know about this place. I am also an engineering student from Pakistan and want to prepare a research on such facts which are not even known yet to the literate society. Why? because these rascals, the Americans and the other western states will surely not want to reveal such employment opportunities to us in Pakistan as they are afraid that Pakistan will INSHA ALLAH become a SUPER POWER STATE that’s why they pick the choicest and the cream talent of Pakistan so that not a single genius Muslim would think about those gifts which ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed us with. I therefore make an humble request to please reveal the real facts through T.V. so that people instead of going abroad for their employment should devote their intelligence in service of Pakistan as did our hero Dr. ABDUL QADEER KHAN.

  20. Media will save you. Will give you employment. Will make you a real Muslim if you will listen its massage as an enlightened youth. Otherwise day dreaming is a very bad habit.

  21. Let’s purge all enemies of Pakistan from its sacred soil. Let the youth of Pakistan rise to the occasion and bring revolution to save our homeland from its enemies, both within and from out.

  22. In spite of having the world’s largest gold reserves in Pakistan, we Pakistanis can’t even afford food due to its day by day soaring prices! Its our land, our gold and it has been sold to a Jewish gold company? No wonder that Balochistan is the most underdeveloped province in Pakistan, and why illiteracy is rampant there. As a matter of fact, Balochistan should have been the most sought-after province for development and progress owing to its vast mineral rich resource! It should have been the place where a complex of the gold mining industries of Pakistan was set up to unleash the vast employment opportunities within Pakistan! Shame on this government! What else can we expect from such inept governance? The media should come forward and throw some light on this matter, so that awareness is created amongst the masses. The media guys should personally visit Reqo Diq site, do the thorough coverage, prepare detailed report / s and spread the findings like fire on all news channels! Media can thus play a vital role in creating awareness forcing the govt. to take the most appropriate and the right measures in the interest of our country.

  23. Everything is not a conspiracy> We Pakistanis need to fix our way of thinking,so we can bring more positivity in the country and all around us.

    1. Samrina, I do agree with you, everything is not a conspiracy, although we Pakistanis are prone to find conspiracies behind our own follies, our errors and omissions and last but not least our weaknesses and our temptations to snatch dollars from the donors and when such donors dictate their terms, we find conspiracies behind those terms. But there is another aspect to this statement. Our history also shows that what earlier were considered just conspiracies; they later turned out to be whole damn facts, with their terrible consequences of course on the state of affairs of our Pakistani state.

      Whereas we do need to be positive in our thinking, we also need to be conscious of the machinations of adversaries, who are always there to fish in the troubled waters of Pakistan.

    1. This is a prejudiced comment that may divide & disintegrate our nation more rapidly than our enemies want and it is a cause of all the problems that even after 64 years we are Barelvi, Wahabi and Deobandi but have not become Muslims and Pakistanis yet.

    2. No, Shahid, its not only the Salfi beards but beards of all other masaalik, everyone amongst whom has his own own beard, own mosque. Its these beards that made Allama Iqbal to wail in anguish:

      Manfia’t aik hai iss Qaum ki nuqsaan bhi aik
      Aik hi sabb ka Nabi (PBUH), Deen bhi, Imaan bhi aik
      Harm-e-Pak bhi, Allah bhi, Quran bhi aik
      Kuchh barhi baat thi hotay jo Mussalmaan bhi aik?
      Firqa bandi hai kahin, aur kahin zaatain hain
      Kya zamaanay main pinap-nay ki yahi batain hain?

  24. we only need good leadership. Only then shall we be able to benefit from our vast [hidden as well as unhidden] treasures. There is no other solution.

    1. As the people, so are the rulers. Its
      so true with us too.. People sitting in their cars, don’t care for an old beggar leaning on their car window. They don’t care for each other either except for their own selves.
      We first need to correct ourselves. Every1 is corrupt on his own level. Even a draftsman takes the govt. stationary home.
      We are corrupt ourselves, hence deserve n have leaders like Zardari.

  25. Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe that this web site needs
    much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the advice!

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    up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

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