The Sneaking US Occupation Of Islamabad -I-

Note for WoP readers: Before you go to the main post by the noted Pakistani analyst and a political activist, Dr. Shireen M. Mazari, here is a Youtube video being put up courtesy ( The caption of the video reads:

Madsen on RT: U.S. Contractors in Pakistan. Are U.S. Troops Next?

Russia Today
September 8, 2009

Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen discusses a new recruitment process to bring private military contractors into Pakistan.
And on Wayne Madsen Report ( there is a brief note on the reported expansion of the US Embassy in Islamabad. It says…..
Pakistanis charge U.S. expands security presence in Pakistan. Jang, Sep. 6 — “The expansion of the US Embassy in Islamabad, extraordinary increase in the mysterious activities of the US officers, and the movement of vehicles without number plates on the roads of Islamabad, have caused concern to the patriotic Pakistanis . . .
Gen (ret) Aslam Beg said: “The establishment of a military cantonment in the name of expansion of the US Embassy is a big blow to the national sovereignty. Everybody knows that the foreign embassies are used for espionage purposes and they also buy loyalty of people. . . one should think as to why the military cantonment is being set up 500 m. away from the President’s House and Prime Minister’s House in the name of the expansion of the US Embassy.
It will be a big US spy center and its marines and the FBI will also be stationed there, while the Blackwater assassins will carry out such activities as the assassins of Hassan Bin Sabah.” URL n/a.


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