Funniest Thing Published by a News Magazine in the History of News Magazines

Holy Christ, this is a Newsweek “web exclusive” .
Gerald Herbert / AP
Swallow your milk
by Joshua Holland, AlterNet

Stand In

Why Obama should make George W. Bush his Mideast envoy.

By Gregory Levey

On Sunday, George Mitchell, President Obama’s Middle East envoy, arrived in Israel to confer with its leaders. Also visiting this week are Defense Secretary Robert Gates, national-security adviser James Jones, and Gulf States envoy Dennis Ross. It’s a full-court press on the Israelis, and the American wish list is long. They want Israel to stop expanding settlements; to stop building Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem; and for hawks in the government to chill out while the U.S. is negotiating with Iran. And yet, odds are, they’ll come back to Washington empty-handed, for reasons having to do as much with atmospherics as policy: Team Obama just doesn’t have Israel’s full trust.

But there is someone who does—someone who could use a job, someone who argued straightforwardly for a Palestinian state, and yet someone who has the implicit admiration and regard of Israel. President Obama needs a new envoy to the region who can get results—and George W. Bush is his man.

Words fail me.

I do have this, however, which sums up my thoughts on the matter pretty well …

The Writer Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer at AlterNet.
Source: Posted  July 30, 2009
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the ‘Wonders of Pakistan’. The contents of this article too are the sole responsibility of the author(s). WoP will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.



2 replies to “Funniest Thing Published by a News Magazine in the History of News Magazines

  1. Nothing is going to happen who so ever be appointed as envoy of middle east. The entire in and arround Jeruselum belong to thouse who are the follower of Christ. Murlims have to retreat from there to avoid further blood shed 8ooner the better in the same manner they have to forget the three disputed holy sites of Hindus in India as well. It is only then they will be able to restore their image in the world community otherewise they will be always considered as a threat to world peace. The issue of Israeil and Kashmir is interlinked and give market to weapon suppliers therefore no sollution coukd be aspected from out side forces. It is the confronting parties particularly the muslims of the region who have to realise the historical facts to stop the further bloodshed.on the issue.

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