India’s role in Afghanistan, a propaganda


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I do not know why Indians and Pakistanis do not see their own countrymen, in shape of politicians, who are selling them out. Swiss banks are full of those cuts and bribes. I do not know why a propaganda is required but this is true that propaganda is right being done, was done and I am sure will be done. India too is not clean and clear with its LOVE FOR USA. Nuclear treaty was favored in such a way and the manner in which it was done, puts everyone by surprise and I am sure we will never know how and why congress got support [SP Support ] in parliament for this.
For every big FART happening in DELHI- Pakistan is named within 2-3 hrs and same is story of Pakistan. I think these are deliberate attempts to confuse people and let them not think on main issues.
Main issue is common man- not the damn nuclear arsenal. Main issue is poverty, education which no politician wants to talk about. Main issue is hunger, water, energy which is not on any agenda because there may be less money…but yes we want to buy guns and arms…because there is big money in it.
India and Pakistan have fought wars and have enjoyed lot of experiments….I do not see that at least lesson has been learnt. I do not want to accuse anyone or defend anyone here…but what I am saying is….where this whole puppet show will take us. USA is paying PAK to fight ‘his’ war of terror. USA cannot fight in Afghanistan because it has not that courage to stand against Afghan…no one has perhaps. Moreover – USA cannot handle bodybags…but life of a PAK and IND soldier is cheaper than US army man.
I read that INDIA is doing something in AFGHANISTAN – I always wanted to know one thing. If India is fighting a proxy war with PAK there – and as you said that Mosad and Raw, CIA is active there….what PAKISTAN army is doing ?
What journalists are doing ? Why not PAKISTAN raise this issue in UN or blast this issue in international media ?
This is same way of INVISIBLE HAND India used to say while Punjab was burning. ISI or Pak army may be behind that…but India could never make a strong representation in UN or in international media about it. Why ?
In Last- it is still better that both either sort things or fight it out….it is better option than being a puppet in hands of B. Obama.
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8 replies to “India’s role in Afghanistan, a propaganda

  1. Like I always say, India’s Treaty with the US is the betrail of a Chamaar to gain Higher Social Status in the neighborhood or a “False World Leader”. With a billion poor of its own and more in the neighborhood, India has guranteed the misfortune of this region for decades to come by starting a Cold war in the region by alligning with a colonial power. Selfish, insecure ignorant fools, Indian leaders think they can qualify as a World Power. I am sure they have forgoten the lessons Pakistan learned from the American Alliances of the Past.

  2. I fully support the views of Mr. Nader Junaid. India is fighting a USA-USSR style cold war with Pakistan, taking full advantage of the moral justification of the war on Terror of the USA.Afghanistan affords it an excellent stage to reverse the front of the Pakistan Army as you presently appreciate.Indians have yet to learn from their American lovers, who well know how sincere the Indians have been to the Russians!The Pakistanis have always been pushed towards success by the Indians the most glaring one being the Atomic Capability which the Pakistanis could never have done without an Indian threat.India may go ahead to become a super power, so will Pakistan strive,at least Pakistan has a better reputation of not dumping its mentors. The leadership or the people of India must realise that instability or disintegration of Pakistan will lead to another mughal Empire ruling India,for India cannot wipe out the entire population of Pakistan. What if these so propogated viscious people flood into India?
    The only solution to the problem are (1) resolution of bilateral problems sincerely (2) Stop the Spy vs Spy clandestine operations by both ISI and RAW (3) Jointly work for the eradication of Powerty by sharing resources.(4) Realise that all foreign powers shall only work to Agrandise their own agendas.Non of them are interested in the well being of the masses,they would rather use weapons of Mass destruction if they are threatened.(5) If peace returns to both India and Pakistan both the countries can earn billions from tourism and trade.(6)We must accept that if the threat element is removed,the western powers will loose billions in weapons sales,and face competition from Indian and Pakistani Ordnance Factories.
    Where to Start then? Right Here in Afghanistan.Both Pakistan and India must realise that they are offending Russia and China, the regional powers by blindly supporting US in persuit of their interests.Why was the IPI pipeline ababdoned?
    Only Pakistan & India can mutually solve their problems only if they are sensible enough and ofcourse sincere.

    1. I am really sorry for you.First , I am totally against all these wars.Anyway, the statement “instability or disintegration of Pakistan will lead to another mughal Empire ruling India,for India cannot wipe out the entire population of Pakistan”Is this a threat or a acknowledment of the fact that your religion is all about dominating over other religions.You gotto think differently with the right side of your brain.

  3. No one is clean in this love game. What you think PAK is clean ? Both have love in eyes and seems both are milking USA out..I do not know how India is managing but PAK seems to have upper hand in gains from US. There is no doubt that INDIA has special corner for USA and this was not only congress oriented, even BJP could not do much to prove that it do not love USA.

    What I think is that India will be feeling it tough to handle trouble from both ends. On one hand China is breathing on it’s neck and on other PAK is in mockery mood…me and my countrymen are, will be forced to tolerate this shameful situation again and again..because India could not prove that it has balls to handle any issue.
    So far- every so called attempt by India to have a inch of upper hand over PAK in 26/11 attack has gone waste of time and energy. PAK was mocking from day one and still India is begging for A TRIAL and that too in Pakistan..and this begging has been done to Sir. B. Obama !!

  4. The politics on this part of the Earth are the real current politics, the power play of the US. It has Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan as the target to advance its cause, Iraq it has shambled, Afghanistan is out of control but they stick on as if the land is the their forefathers’ right to have.

    Iran they are trying to control by all means they can; Paksitan, our leaders are an easy lay, they go running at every whim of their master.

    Pathetic the situation is. Somebody, someone, all of us need to come out and turn the wheel back before it trample sus. Yankee go home

  5. @Jamil

    We all are being fooled and cheated again and again. I do not think that democracy in India and Pakistan had provided common man any living. This is a tool in hands of few to manipulate the rest.

    We do not know what is truth …

    1. PAK is fighting a US war. Killing same people which he created, are muslims and above all their doctorine was accepted by it.

    2. Knowing very well that China is on back of PAK- USA is playing which game ? Trying to woo PAK ? Nope- then what ?

    3. What PAK army is doing ? I think Mr 10% and his friends are doing the worst for PAK- what army is doing ?

    Being a Indian- these things hammer in my head. Although there are several questions about my homeland too but I think things in India are too messy.
    Will takeup this somewhere else..
    Khuda hafiz !

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