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At Last…….



  • An e-magazine for Tourism, but is it for Pakistan tourism only?

Yes, at last a magazine devoted exclusively to promote tourism, but not restricted to sites and resorts in Pakistan only. It is concerned with tracking and promoting trends in tourism throughout the world. As a reader you might wonder perhaps to see a magazine like “Wonders of Pakistan” But before surprise and amazement lead us astray, let me explain the reasoning behind such a venture.

We all know that necessity is the mother of invention, but what was the necessity which motivated us to take the risk of publishing a monthly magazine specializing in promoting and developing tourism particularly in Pakistan, a country where even the people who are at the helm of affairs do not take this word seriously?

  • Should we start with explaining the importance of tourism?

Or should we start with interpreting the meanings and originality of Pakistani heritage?

  • Perhaps we can begin with Tourism.

These days, few can deny that tourism has become one of the necessities of life for all nations, countries, peoples and individuals. It might be worth stating at the outset that tourism would have nearly been the second greatest source of income in the world after oil, had the revolutions in electronics and telecommunications not emerged when they did. In tourism, as in case of oil, certain countries have seized the kernels and left the crumbs to the rest.

Here, one might ask:

Why have certain countries monopolized tourism when geographical, historical and climatic components might suggest that the story should be otherwise? And is tourism a form of natural wealth, like oil, or is it like electronics, somewhat less tangible?

One ought to admit

That tourism is indeed a natural wealth like oil and other mineral products. The difference between tourism and mineral products like oil, however, is that the latter is carried out from its source to be manufactured and its products are sold to the country of origin. In contrast components necessary for tourism already exist within the land, its rivers, its mountains, beaches, and so on – and in the landmarks of its peoples’ history and culture, most parts of which have been seized and taken out to benefit other people and countries.

Instead of preserving our heritage,

Antiquities, landmarks and components for our own tourist wealth, we have used spades to destroy them setting up concrete blocks under the concept of modernization and development.
Again, let us compare between the revenue of tourist industries and the revenue of other industries such as oil and electronics. We find that the revenue of tourism is distributed among a great number of people of the country that is visited. In case of oil, electronics, and other industries, revenue is restricted to a handful of individuals and governments.

In light of the above,

Monthly “Wonders of Pakistan” sets out to remove the dust, the rust and the fog, and focuses some much needed light on our culture as well as our neglected and lost wealth.

Why Pakistan

Again, we emphasize it would not be surprising should one be able to give ready answer to this. Here, we take the liberty of introducing a few reasons, motives and needs as to why should we open up and engage in new prospects for Pakistani citizens and our foreign guests, the intention being not to replace existing tourist activity in our areas but to open up new and exciting opportunities for growth, as well as to market a new type of commodity for which we are convinced there is an urgent need.

The need for our people to move, encounter and communicate in order to know each other, to strengthen love and friendship as the basis for commercial, economic and cultural exchange.
Despite attacks from other cultures, the root of spiritual belief among us Pakistanis has remained steadfast. Day after day, we have equipped ourselves with capabilities that are compatible with our beliefs and thoughts, such as in the way we live, function and prosper. This is also obvious in the Pakistani communities living outside Pakistan.

Islamic landmarks are increasing

Day by day worldwide. New mosques and edifices will be our heritage for the future and the basis of a renewal of existing cultural landmarks. Therefore, we have to invite other nations in and benefit from their archaeological and technological achievements. In addition to providing profits, Pakistan Tourism will revive confidence in people and affirm their belief in their own thoughts and capabilities. It will revive the traditional Pakistani art and crafts in the form of souvenirs for tourists. It will restrict sectarian and national disagreement among Islamic schools of thought and opinion and among people generally. The wealthier will realize the needs of the poor and give sustenance to imperative legal and moral claims of individual towards another.

It is possible to include

The religious schools, charitable organizations, nursing homes, and so on, within the trips of tourists to have a closer look – and therefore gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the activities of Pakistanis in their own land.

While writing these lines, I find myself in a lovely dream through which I imagine my family and I are able to travel as tourists to every city or town in Pakistan where there are historic landmarks – from Lahore to Multan, Karachi to Khyber and move onwards to Northern areas where sky rocketing peaks of Nanga Parbat and K2 beckon us to explore the virgin beauty of mountains which are incomparable to any other place on this earth.

Have such dreams and aspirations

Held by most Pakistanis, I believe – been realized?
We are confident that the editors and staff of the magazine, with all their qualifications, expertise and confidence, will play a major role throughout this interactive process, projecting and enhancing Pakistan’s Tourism potential to us as Pakistanis and our guests abroad.

With the Blessings of Allah, let us move together towards the next issue.

Dr. Nayyar Hashmey


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